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Creeping Bellflower

This pretty blue flower is a really bad problem in my garden. This year I have let it go and it has flowered both in my side and front yard. Tempting to leave it, as the flowers are very nice. But it is horribly invasive and impossible to eliminate. usually keep it in check. I'll probably be in trouble next year for letting it go this year. It crowds out everything else. Here's what some web sites have to say about it: "Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) is a native of Europe and was introduced to North America for its ornamental value. lower is specially designed for long-term survival and persistence in cultivated conditions. Areas where it is moist and shady, this weed can become very invasive." "Creeping bellflower has escaped from older gardens to become a weed. all, and spreads by deep roots. Leaves are somewhat rough and lance-shaped, tapering to a point. The 1-inch flowers are purple, down-turned and bell shaped. It can become a serious weed problem in urban areas as well as in pastures and open fields."


2008-04-12 20:51:42 by charlesgeorgetaylr

Remnants from last season’s ten foot tall sunflower plants were still sticking out of the dirt like long shoots of bamboo in Asia. The place was an absolute mess. Jose, the Pureto Rican who lives upstairs with that woman with the hair weave and her five kids has been sitting on his fire escape all winter and tossing white cigarette butts into my landscaped paradise. There were so many to be found. His poor lungs, I thought as I finished the roach that B. had left for me. I lit my own Newport before picking up all those cigarette butts.
It took only 10 minutes to toss the sunflower stalks to the compost pile at the back of my lot

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