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The first time I saw Erykah Badu in concert was 2010 at Constitution Hall for the New Amerykah Part Two tour. She was wearing a black rain coat, sweatpants, and high heeled black boots. Her hair was light brown fluffy, wild and untamed with part of it gathered in the middle of her head like cone. I remember her opening with a cosmic performance of “20 Feet Tall.” The music attached itself to her voice and vibrated through the room in a large circular motion. I attended the concert completely sober and left feeling a natural high inspired by her sensational stage presence.

“Mama’s Gun Live” at the Filmore sparked an even greater high than the one she left me in 2010. I only had one drink on purpose. There was no way I was going to let intoxication affect my ability to be completely present in the Erykah Badu experience. This album is my gospel. I listen to this when I’m in love, when I’m hurt, when I need inspiration and when I am frustrated with society’s unwritten rules. Prior to attending the show I listened to the album about 10 times just to make sure I could sing along with every word. Clad in a red t-shirt, paint speckled apron, and flower printed tights Erykah Badu aka “MC Apples” aka “Low Down Loretta Brown” aka “Sarah Bellum” aka “Annie the Alchemist” aka “She ill” aka “Badula Oblongata” aka “Manuella Maria Mexico” commanded the stage with the aura of a warrior princess (as she often refers to herself as).

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2013-02-01 07:34:29 by morphedinter

I have seen it all before.
Tontite will have the doors ajar with the moon poking holes into paper tigers.
Seperate lives will mark out where and what.
Clicking clock of the mantle takes the sounds of flames as a dance of the seconds between ladder and bell.
She was always on fire attire. wearing out the only way in.
Puting on blaze orange with crimson lips that stick to the fine china goblet.
Wine will carry her conversation between the white teeth and blue wall.
Flickering lamp for old dust books will illuminate the big words that need to be found shortened

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