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Gardening pictureLast week I introduced you to the more popular species and selections of bellflowers which are suitable for borders. In this article I will discuss additional border bellflowers that are not so well-known yet are equally desirable. Many are not available in your standard garden centres but may be found in specialist nurseries or via seed exchanges. First I'll start with Bats-in-the-Belfrey or nettle-leaved bellflower, C. trachelium, a clump-forming species with stiff, upright stems 45 to 90 cm in height. The leaves do look similar to stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) but thankfully lack the burning bristles. Dark purple-blue flowers are produced in a loose spike. An interesting feature of this plant are the long hairs located on the inside of the flowers. White and double-flowered forms are also available. The cultivar 'Berenice' has particularly attractive double flowers in a rich dark, amethyst-blue.


Some variation among C. trachelium

Many years ago a gardening friend passed along a few seedlings of which has proven to be a long-lasting standard in my garden. While not a floral knockout like some bellflowers, it is still desirable for its felted, heart-shaped leaves and loose spikes of cream-white, hairy-fringed flowers that are produced over a long period from June to September. This clumper reaches 45 to 60 cm and is best planted in groups nearer the front of the border. Subsequently I read about a blue flowered C. alliarifolia look-alike called C. sarmatica. I was lucky to track down seeds, which germinated with no fuss. The resulting plants formed clumps of crinkled, grey-felted leaves and loose spikes of lovely pale lavender-blue bells. This species reaches to 50 cm and is also best planted as groups towards the front of the border. And to complete this set, I also grew from seed C.Image species, this one with violet-blue flowers.

Shown above are close-ups of C. alliarifolia, C. sarmatica and C. kolenatiana

The pale or European bellflower, C. bononiensis, looks very similar to the cursed C. rapunculoides but is not invasive like the latter species. It produces upright stems to 90 cm with light lavender-blue flowers mid-summer. From Hungary comes C. grossekii, a 100 cm species with hairy-fringed, violet-blue flowers. Don't confuse this species with C. grossheimii, which is a rock garden subject that looks like a half-sized version of C. sarmatica. The lavender bellflower, , is an elegant species reaching 60 cm. In this species, the styles extend well beyond the ‘bell'. It is apt to be a short-lived species so allow it to self-seed or collect seeds. 'Isabella' is a dwarf selection only 20 cm and literally smothers itself in flowers.

Image Image Image Image
Mary Evans Picture Library Photo Mug of Campanula medium, Canterbury bells from Mary Evans Picture Library
Kitchen (Mary Evans Picture Library)
  • PHOTO MUG This Photo Mug features an image of Campanula medium, Canterbury bells chosen by Mary Evans Picture Library. Estimated image size 104x80mm.
  • 11oz White ceramic coffee mug. Image printed using sublimation ink process. Microwave, dishwasher safe
  • Image Description Campanula medium, Canterbury bells Plate 63 from Ladies Flower Garden Annuals (1843) by Jane Wells Loudon. Also shows Macrophylla, Barbata, Punctata...
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Mary Evans Picture Library quoting Reference 8613043
  • Image supplied and selected by Mary Evans Picture Library. (c) Mary Evans / Natural History Museum

Ooooh, lettuce seeds!!

2008-07-25 23:18:39 by diamonds_nine

I'd love fresh grown lettuce. That would be awesome.
I have two plants in my kitchen windowsill that I have grown from seeds. I don't know what either of them are, but they have just exploded--tons of foliage and flowers. So i managed to do those right. ;o)
I'll check into the Master Gardener program and see what i can find. I'll ask the nursery tomorrow and see if they have any contact info.
Thanks, Bells.

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