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CenterpieceWhen Beth challenged us to take pictures of our favorite Christmas decorations for this week’s You Capture challenge, I’ll admit that I was bummed. I already did a very detailed photo post of our Fire Tree (please go see it; I promise that it is awesome). I couldn’t figure out what I was going to photograph. Over the week, I took a few pictures and finished it off this morning.

Turns out I have more favorites than I knew. Most with great stories.

This was the centerpiece in our wedding. That’s right. We had a Christmas themed wedding. Actually, our anniversary is tomorrow. My grandmother did the flowers for our wedding. This centerpiece sat in front of us at the head table.Centerpieces Together half wall with the little Christmas trees that were the centerpieces on the guests’ tables.


I added lights for the first time this year, which I’m loving. Though we plan to be in this house for another three years, give or take a Christmas, I hope that our next home has an easy place, like our half wall, to display our centerpieces. Other than our Fire Tree, it really is my favorite part of our decorations.

Christmas Bell WreathsNext we have our front door which also brings us a gem from our wedding. Maybe your front door has a wreath. Maybe you also have a bell attached to your front door right now. We have… wait for it… two wreaths (small), tied together, made entirely of jingle bells. These were made for the front of the church on our wedding day.

Love them. I love how they jingle every time the door is opened or closed… even if you’re trying to be oh-so-quiet because you’re carrying a sleeping child in the door. Okay, well, maybe that part isn’t so hot but, otherwise, I love their shiny silver greeting every time I look at our front door. (Ignore the bows. I haven’t re-fluffed them since the wind storm we had last week. They’re a bit… mashed looking.) But, yes, I love the shiny beauty they bring to the door… even if you can see me, with morning hair, in my robe (no socks again! but no snow) on the front porch.


Finally, the last bit of favoriteness also sits on our front porch. You see, we have a firefighter that sits next to our front door. He guards it, if you will. He stands about hip high. On me, you know, since I’m short. At Christmas time, I take out a bow and wrap it around his neck like a scarf. It’s also another bow related to our wedding. It was some ribbon my mother had purchased to see if I wanted it for anything in the wedding or reception. While I love Christmas, it was a little too Christmas-y for the wedding. But I kept the bow. When we moved into the house and celebrated our first Christmas, I delegated the firefighter to wear the bow. Our front porch is festive and safe. No?

Did you really expect my favorite Christmas decorations to lack something fire related? Never!

Firefighter Centerpiece Centerpieces Together Christmas Bell Wreaths

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2011-06-22 07:26:05 by herlady

I did my daughters wedding at home , and I made many many of the decorations myself,, The most popular and most commented on were wedding bells! I got big plastic flower pots, size I wanted bell, put plastic wrap over them( very important to remove crafted bell after!,), then i wet lace fabric got at yard sales, or you can go get lace curtains at goodwill or even use matching cotton fabric in wedding colors0 and wet with a solution of elmers glue and water, ,, you can get the recipe online, or try half and half on a dixie cup to test,,,) ,, mold over the plaic wrap covered flower pot, i

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