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I’m not satisfied with my last free photo so I shot another one and am giving it to you here. I brought the flower inside, put the camera on a tripod and used window light with a piece of foil for a reflector and a black background. It has much more depth of field (area that’s in focus) which I wanted for this particular photo.

For those graphically adept, you can extend the black in three directions to add text or ask me to do it.

Picture of Purple Bell Flower

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True Blue Flowers that grow/thrive in Zone 9

2007-04-10 21:56:57 by rjhexx

Over the years, I have been steadily adding true blue flowering plants to my garden. And I don't mean lilac or purple flowering plants - there's a difference between violet/lavender and true blue but many descriptions from catalogs and the Internet describe purple/lilac flowers as blue. I do have quite a few lavender/purple flowering plants in my garden, but that's because I was tricked by some catalogs and Internet pictures. I swear I think some of those pics have been manipulated to make the flowers look blue rather than their actual violet/purple color. I bought Spanish blue bells and blue hyacinths, but they still have a purple/violet tinge to them

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