Solar Bell flower Garden lights

A beautiful choice for an awesome spring flower showcase along with solar garden lights. Originating from Southeastern America,the Silverbell is a deciduous tree that will bloom beautiful white bell-shaped flowers in May. These beautiful bell flowers can have five blooms per cluster. After blooming season,they are usually followed by a green to tan oblonged fruit that will remain on the tree throughout the winder. It is very capable of growing up to 30 to 40 feet. It has an unsual shape that is round and broad. You will enjoy deep green colored leaves that measure approximately 2 to 5 inches long and 1 to 2-1/2 inches wide. Halesia tetraptera is commonly known under the names Common Silverbell or Carolina Silverbell. Belonging to the family Styracaceae,it originates from the southeastern America.

Some choices for choosing solar garden lights would be in the form of a path light or a garden stake. Your solar garden lights will charge during the day and light up at night,requiring no wiring or maintenance. Just sit back and enjoy an array of beautiful flowers with solar garden lights.

True Blue Flowers that grow/thrive in Zone 9

2007-04-10 21:56:57 by rjhexx

Over the years, I have been steadily adding true blue flowering plants to my garden. And I don't mean lilac or purple flowering plants - there's a difference between violet/lavender and true blue but many descriptions from catalogs and the Internet describe purple/lilac flowers as blue. I do have quite a few lavender/purple flowering plants in my garden, but that's because I was tricked by some catalogs and Internet pictures. I swear I think some of those pics have been manipulated to make the flowers look blue rather than their actual violet/purple color. I bought Spanish blue bells and blue hyacinths, but they still have a purple/violet tinge to them

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100 HEUCHERA FIREFLY Red Coral Bells Flower Seeds *Comb S/H
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  • BLOOMS: Spring
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 18 - 24 . . . PLANT SPACING: 18 - 24
  • LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun - Part Shade. . . SOIL / WATER: Average
  • Coral Bells are prized for their neatly mounded foliage and Firefly is doubly gorgeous with its bright red flowers.
Lake Valley Lake Valley 428 Coral Bells Red Seed Packet
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  • Lifecycle: Hardy perennial
  • Plant Note: Divide plants every three to four years in spring or fall. Crowns become woody and reduce flower production.
  • Height: 24 (61cm)

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