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Campanula rotundifolia with HeucheraThe Campanula (bellflowers) are displaying their beautiful blooms now. They are a great perennial, and not just because they come in various shades of blue, purple and white. Many of these plants have a long blooming period. Most of them also have good looking foliage. Campanula tend to be very easy care. Most bellflowers don’t need much fussing, except some of the small rock garden ones which need good drainage. Generally, deadheading and some extra water when things get dry are about all they need.

I always smile at the sight of bees in the flowers of Campanula. Most of the flowers are small, short tubes, and bees can’t get all the way in. They squeeze their bodies in as far as they can to get the nectar goodness, while their back ends hang outside, and wiggle back and forth.

Campanula posharskana \'Camgood\' (blue waterfall Serbian bellflower)

This perennial with pretty stars is Campanula poscharskyana ‘Camgood’ (blue waterfall Serbian bellflower). It has horizontal flowering stalks with many blue star-shaped flowers. It blooms well, even in medium shade.

The plant is low growing. It is a spreading bellflower, but doesn’t become annoying in zone 3. In good soil in a warmer climate, it might spread faster. I like the look of the numerous blue stars shining under shrubs or around tall perennials. There is more about Campanula poscharskyana in this post.

Campanula carpatica blue (Carpathian bellflower)

Campanula carpatica (Carpathian bellflower) is a very reliable perennial in zone 3. It forms a neat mound of foliage, and is covered in bells that face the sky. This good looking variety is C. carpatica ‘Blaue clips’ (blue clips). I also have the very similar C. carpatica ‘Deep Blue Clips’. Both of these flourish in the semi-shade. They are easy and satisfying to deadhead with a fingernail. Carpathian bellflowers are the longest flowering perennials in my garden.

Campanula carpatica white (white Carpathian bellflower)

I have 2 white flowering versions of C. carpatica, ‘Weisse clips’ (White Clips) and ‘White Uniform’. I’ve lost track of which Carpathian bellflower is which now. One of them is slightly more compact. These perennials are both very pretty and show up well from across the yard. Both are in semi-shade and do well. You can read more about Campanula carpatica and their care in this post.

I posted about Campanula portenschlagiana “Hoffman’s Blue” (Hoffman’s Blue Dalmatian Bellflower) in more detail before. It is a great bellflower that I highly recommend for its shade tolerance and long bloom. The flowers are upright, showy bells.

Campanula glomerata (clustered bellflower) is my least favourite of the bellflowers I grow. It has a pretty flower, but it is short blooming, too vigorous and the foliage deteriorates after blooming. I discussed it in more detail in this post.

Campanula portenschlagiana \'Hoffman\'s Blue\' (Dalmation Bellflower) Campanula glomerata (clustered bellflower) Campanula cochlearifolia (fairy thimble bellflower) Campanula cochlearifolia \'Elizabeth Oliver\' (fairy thimble bellflower)
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