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Allamanda as Yellow Bell.

In my mini garden, I have this sun-lover shrub called locally as Yellow Bell. All year round this shrub flowers continuously and doesn't need constant care as long as it's being watered everyday.

Brief information about this shrub:

The scientific name of Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup Flower is Allamanda, a genus of vines or tropical shrubs belonging to the dogbane family (Apocynaceae). It's a woody, evergreen shrub that grows vigorously to height of 2 metres or more. The leaves are leathery, lancelike, and pointed in shape. The yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are 5-7.5 centimetres in diameter which may vary in color such as white, purple, pink or orange. The flowers have delicate and fruity scents that entice the bees or butterflies to drop by.

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Mistymoon please help judge Challenge #1894

2013-05-20 07:47:26 by rytis

In which you were to write of noise with a meaning
below are a selection of the more memorable entries. i'd like to invite mistymoon as guest judge to select one of these (or any of the others if you want to read through them all).
The person you select is then invited to reply back to you with a new topic suggestion or kigo, and will also be invited to be the guest judge for the next Haiku Challenge
Honored Selections:

hummingbird wings
blind blur ringing
bell flowers



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