Casa Blanca Lilies… Beauty and Fragrance Abounds

Last week was my Birthday and when Cindy came for Book Club Tuesday she brought me a birthday bouquet of multitudes of Casa Blanca Lilies. Wonderful beautious fragrant white lilies!

I love white! It goes with everything. In the garden white flowers serve as a binding cohesive thread through my garden. I add color here and there and the white just ties it all together. My gardening friends know I like white, perhaps even to a fault.

The Asian Lilies are fragrant. There are so many shades of pink that you can find, stargazers being one, but for me you can always find a sturdy white Casa Blanca as a safe anchor even in a colorful bouquet.

The Casa Blanca fills your home with a fragrance that wafts throughout and, as Cindy said just last night, can help to cover pet odors… even garbage odors… Try putting a single bloom on the bathroom counter when having guests over.

When you are selecting your lilies, if they are for you, you could even buy them all in bud, if they are as a gift be sure a few buds have opened. The Floral shops will usually pull the rich warm orangey-brown stamens off the opened blooms. That is a good idea when you are transporting them and handling them. This orange pollen will get on you and your clothes and can stain although I have always been able to get it out without any extra stain fighting help in a regular load in the laundry. The pollen will also get onto the white flower petals and stain the flower herself and she won’t appear her best on arrival home or to the Picnic table for the Barbecue, so handle and transport carefully.

I love these golden-orangey-brown ornaments on this delicate white flower. The contrast is stunning between the flower and her pollinating apparatus. The GREAT MOTHER of Nature is the artist supreme! The colors and patterns in nature! Ahhhh!

A Bouquet of lilies when bought in tight bud with just one or two opened for show will last a long week . When the flowers that have been open for a few days start to fade and wilt, just gently remove them at the base of the flower. You can clip the stem back if it isn’t aesthetic in the arrangement, but it is usually just fine staying there.

Five days later here they are still wonderful and with days of fragrance and atmosphere still ahead. I will hopefully give these to some one to enjoy when I leave tomorrow.

Try these three options

2009-11-13 06:45:34 by amanda9131

The farm and garden side of CL is a good place to advertise a trade. This forum is intended as a place to exchange information. In Seattle, we have a large group of people who belong to the "Freecycle Network," which has an online structure in place for helping people give away and receive items, all for free (no trades). Try Googling "freecycle network" with your city name. Also, people post the plants they have and the plants they want on "Dave's Garden," and I often see notices about them in the "PlantFiles" section of that website. What I do is Google "PlantFiles Oriental Lily Casablanca" or some other plant name to learn about the plant, and if it's available as a trade

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