Casablanca Lilies Flower

Here is the Casablanca Lily information about facts, care tips with pictures and photos. Casablanca lily is famous for its beautiful bloom and also its intoxicating and nice fragrance. Known to be widely developed as a hybrid of the oriental lilies, it is also classified as a part of lily family.
Casablanca Lily

As far as its shape is concerned, Casablanca lily looks like a trumpet with six white petals, each of which is lined with tiny dots at the centerline. There is bright red stamens spring out coming out of its center boasting a stunning and impressive color pattern. In diameter, its bloom can be measured up to 10 inch while as a plant; it is able to grow to about 4 feet in height.

This plant grows from bulbs and tubers. It is planted in plantation areas under USDA hardiness zones 5 – 9. It can grow easily yet it needs to e taken care in moderate level. The flower will bloom from spring to late summer.

Care Tips
Taking care Casablanca lily is not so tough. Grow the bulbs in warm sunlit areas and moist soil. If you happen to live in colder climatic conditions, a thick layered mulching is needed to keep its roots survive. Then, you can keep it in a container and place it in dark and cool place. It can afford to open within 1 – 2 days. You can mist the petals to get fresh look out of it.

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