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17-295 Asiatic lilyEasy to grow in Canada, many lilies are diverse and hardy. There are several types of lilies, some are hardier than others. The hardiest in zone 4 and colder are the Asiatics, Longiflorum x Asiatics (LA), and the Martagons.

Asiatics are super easy to grow. Folks as far north as the NWT are able to grow these great garden plants.

Plant in spring or fall and they will bloom the following summer, coming back year after year. Asiatics encompass many colours and feature brushmarks, speckling, and eyezones.

Letters denote the flower orientation. Up-facing (a), out-facing (b), and down-facing (c).
Sure picks: Tiger Babies, Selina, and Moonbaby
Pictured: Seedling
LA lilies combine the hardiness of asiatic lilies and the beauty of Easter lilies (longiflorum). These are hardy here in Zone 3 and multiply like crazy. Cut a bouquet and enjoy them in your house as well as your garden.

Dalhansonii, Martagon LilyLA's have large flowers and many colours to choose from. Most are around 3 feet tall.
Sure picks: Royal Sunset, Kiss Me Kate, Ballroom
Pictured: South Pacific

Martagon lilies are a gem of the early summer garden. These are quite different than many lilies.

Martagons prefer shade and bloom slightly earlier than most lilies. Plant them in your hosta garden and they will look fantastic. The flowers are small and numerous. Many varieties have little 'turkscap' clowers. The leaves grow in a whorled pattern.

Conca d'or, Orientpet, OT lilyMartagons are more expensive due to their slower increase underground. Plant one or two and give them a couple years to come into their own.
Sure picks: Mrs. R.O. Backhouse, Dalhansonii, Brocade
Pictured: Dalhansonii

Worth Trying

The following lilies do very well for me once established. Some multiply slower but still create a fantastic show. The occasional variety won't live over winter or will disappear within a few years, but that is the exception, not the rule.

The reason trumpets as well as Orienpets have a harder time thriving is that they require a long growing season. Sometimes their growing point gets nipped by frost in spring. Other times they don't have enough time after flowering to store up reserves to make it through winter. To help them out, mulch them in fall to help them stay warm. Plant them in a timely manner when you purchase them or divide.
Orienpet lilies are a cross of the tenderish Trumpets and Orientals. This combination makes for a hardier plant.

Silkey Belles, AA lily Lynn Collicut trumpet lily seedling White Henryi Trumpet Lily Casablanca, Oriental Lily

Try these three options

2009-11-13 06:45:34 by amanda9131

The farm and garden side of CL is a good place to advertise a trade. This forum is intended as a place to exchange information. In Seattle, we have a large group of people who belong to the "Freecycle Network," which has an online structure in place for helping people give away and receive items, all for free (no trades). Try Googling "freecycle network" with your city name. Also, people post the plants they have and the plants they want on "Dave's Garden," and I often see notices about them in the "PlantFiles" section of that website. What I do is Google "PlantFiles Oriental Lily Casablanca" or some other plant name to learn about the plant, and if it's available as a trade

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Distinctive Designs Silk Casa Blanca Lilies in Glass Vase
Home (Distinctive Designs)
  • Flower: Lilies,
  • Colors: Cream, Greens
  • Container: Glass
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Dimensions: 33H x 33W x 33D

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