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In Chinese, the word "lily" means "forever in love." These beautiful and fragrant flowers have been a symbol of purity for more than 3, 000 years, and can be enjoyed as a cut flower in an arrangement or growing in your garden.

The cultivation of lilies dates back to 1500 B.C. with the Madonna lily, or lilium candidum. Many of the bright colors and forms of lilies were found on botanical expeditions during the 1800s in Asia. The Chinese and Japanese lily species were exported to Europe and hybridized to create new varieties that are popular today as cut flowers and as garden plants.

Today, lilies are one of the top cut flowers in the world due to their long vase life, flower form, and fragrance. In the garden, they are reliable perennials coming back every year with large gorgeous flowers requiring very little care.

White Flower Farm, a mail order nursery that grows and ships plants directly to customers, sells 23 varieties of lilies and several types of lily mixes. There are nine major divisions of lilies with oriental and Asiatic being the most popular. Oriental lilies are known for their large flowers and fragrance. They should be planted toward the middle or back of the garden due to their tall stems and large flowers. Asiatic lilies are known for their strong stems, flower count and bright colors and should be planted in the middle to front of the border as they are stockier.

Oriental Lilies

  • Lilium 'Casa Blanca': Pure white with out-facing blooms, highly fragrant, and majestic looking, these are one of the most popular wedding flowers used today. In the garden, they grow to 4 feet or more.
  • Lilium 'Robina': A cross between oriental lilies and trumpet lilies, known as Orienpets or OTs, these flowers are a new color breakthrough of lavender from Holland.
  • Lilium 'Stargazer': Widely recognized as one of the most popular lilies grown today, the Stargazer has a dark red/pink color and is up-facing and fragrant. This is also a good garden variety and very popular as a cut flower.
  • Lilium 'Shocking': Another cross between oriental and trumpet with striking yellow flowers striped with red, these flowers are out-facing and large.

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The farm and garden side of CL is a good place to advertise a trade. This forum is intended as a place to exchange information. In Seattle, we have a large group of people who belong to the "Freecycle Network," which has an online structure in place for helping people give away and receive items, all for free (no trades). Try Googling "freecycle network" with your city name. Also, people post the plants they have and the plants they want on "Dave's Garden," and I often see notices about them in the "PlantFiles" section of that website. What I do is Google "PlantFiles Oriental Lily Casablanca" or some other plant name to learn about the plant, and if it's available as a trade

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