Casablanca lily bulbs Grow

'Antequera', plus an unidentified white Asiatic.

Unscented Asiatics
(Including some Lilium species)
Burdened with no fragrance at all, these lilies are the workhorses of the early lily garden, sporting the widest range of colors. No fear of a headache or stuffy nose here, just remember to pick off the pollen before bringing them indoors to avoid spilling pollen on tablecloths or clothing.

People will still tend to give them the "sniff test", so picking pollen will also prevent guests leaving with orange noses. (On the other hand, leaving the pollen on could hold entertainment value for you, wink wink!) Lily pollen is large and "sticky" so is rarely a problem with allergies because it is not generally breathed into the lungs.

Lightly Scented Asiatics
(Lilium longiflorum x Asiatic, also called LA Hybrids)

The inclusion of the familiar, white trumpet Easter Lily found in the stores during Lent is highly scented. Plant breeders originally crossed them with brightly colored Asiatic lilies to introduce pastel colored "Easter Lilies". Many of the early crosses did have a trumpet shape, but they would not force in time for Easter in the greenhouses, plus the public generally preferred the traditional white. lilies, but forced more quickly and had larger flowers with a slight fragrance. These traits opened a whole new market, and savings in the greenhouse, for the cut flower producers.

Upon first opening, these Asiatic hybrids of two different divisions of lilies appear to be unscented, but after the blooms have matured a light fragrance can be detected in a vase indoors or when viewed up close on a windless day in the garden. Gardeners with more sensitive noses can happily grow them outdoors, or potted on a patio, but they probably should avoid using LA Hybrids as cut flowers indoors.

Trumpet Lilies
(Including the traditional Easter Lily and the Chinese species Lilium regale)
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2009-11-13 06:45:34 by amanda9131

The farm and garden side of CL is a good place to advertise a trade. This forum is intended as a place to exchange information. In Seattle, we have a large group of people who belong to the "Freecycle Network," which has an online structure in place for helping people give away and receive items, all for free (no trades). Try Googling "freecycle network" with your city name. Also, people post the plants they have and the plants they want on "Dave's Garden," and I often see notices about them in the "PlantFiles" section of that website. What I do is Google "PlantFiles Oriental Lily Casablanca" or some other plant name to learn about the plant, and if it's available as a trade

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