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Congratulations you are engaged! Now grab onto your fiance and get ready for a wild ride! It is hard to not become overwhelmed by wedding ideas. With all the magazines, books, blogs, websites, and television shows on this subject it's easy to feel buried by ideas. Without a doubt there is no shortage of fabulous flower photos! However, while doing your research keep in mind two important things... Price and Season.

It's a given that I LOVE peonies, garden roses, orchids, etc. I would use them for every event if I could and I am sure most floral designers would as well. But this is where price and season come into play and where I want to offer some very critical advice. Before you purchase your first bridal magazine, or watch My Fair Wedding, or visit heed my advise and first things first, figure out your wedding budget. On average your floral budget should be about 10 percent of your overall wedding budget. Once you have your budget figured out then the design research and fun can begin.

I have compiled a list of flowers and have put them into 3 different categories based on their price.

Most Expensive:
Callas, mini & regular sized
Casablanca Lilies
English Garden Roses

Lily of the Valley
Orchids ( Cymbidiums, Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis )

Moderately Priced:

Fern Fronds (monkey tail)
French Tulips
Gloriosa Lilies
Orchids (Dendrobriums, Mokaras, Oncidiums)
Pincushion Protea
Least Expensive:
Asiatic Lilies
Bells of Ireland
Craspedia (Billy Balls)
Gerbera Daisy
Hypericum Berries
Scabiosa Pods
Sweet Peas

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as going to the least expensive flower list and picking from there. There is another element to take into consideration... Size. In the flower world size DOES matter! Hydrangea, peonies, and Casablanca lilies may be more pricey per stem but they are large and therefore you need less of them to make an impact. Delicate flowers like ranunculus, scabiosas, and sweet peas fall under the more inexpensive flowers per stem but they are small and you will need a lot of them to make an impact.

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Try these three options

2009-11-13 06:45:34 by amanda9131

The farm and garden side of CL is a good place to advertise a trade. This forum is intended as a place to exchange information. In Seattle, we have a large group of people who belong to the "Freecycle Network," which has an online structure in place for helping people give away and receive items, all for free (no trades). Try Googling "freecycle network" with your city name. Also, people post the plants they have and the plants they want on "Dave's Garden," and I often see notices about them in the "PlantFiles" section of that website. What I do is Google "PlantFiles Oriental Lily Casablanca" or some other plant name to learn about the plant, and if it's available as a trade

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