Casablanca lily Hardiness

Colder climate leaves turning colors.

(The chart published by the USDA and complete interactive searching – link below – can be found on the website for the US National Arboretum, which is a good place to start when trying to determine in what type of climate you live.)

"When researching your location, bear in mind that all map lines are not absolute and each garden has its own unique micro-climate."

Neighborhoods with many trees blocking wind, hills that "drain" away moisture faster, concrete bulkheads, sidewalks and driveways that tend to collect heat, as well as southern exposures will allow you to grow plants that might not be recommended for your area.

General Guidelines - Lily Bulb Hardiness

& Warm Winter Tolerance in Southern States

Tiger Babies Asiatic

Asiatics – Zones 1-9. (Sweet Surrender, Tiger Babies, Lionheart, “Pearl Series”, etc.) No winter mulch is needed and they prefer colder winters to reset bloom.

Longwood Scented Asiatic

Scented Asiatics – Zones 3-10. (LA Hybrids such as Red Alert, Nashville, Eyeliner, Party Diamond etc.) grow well in all areas, do not require as much cold to reset the bloom, and would not need an “artificial winter” in the fridge in southern areas. They start to grow immediately in spring after thaw, which is very helpful during short growing seasons, but a hard frost in late spring could damage sprouts.

Muscadette Oriental

Purebred Orientals – Zones 6-9, colder with winter mulch. (Casablanca, Star Gazer, Acapulco, Muscadette, Crystal Blanca etc.), but if heavily mulched for winter or with a good snowfall, down to Zone 3 or 4 easily. Oriental lilies dislike hot, dry areas, growing the bulbs in afternoon sun is recommended because the flowers will last longer.

Golden Splendor Trumpet

Purebred Trumpets – Zones 7-10, colder with winter mulch. (Copper King Strain, Pink Perfection Strain, Golden Splendor Strain, “Angel Series”, etc.), heavily mulched, down to Zone 3 or 4, but can be subject to late freeze damage in May, cover emerging stems if temperatures below 30 degrees F. are expected.

Conca d'Or (OT)

Oriental-Trumpet Hybrids – Zones 6-9, colder with winter mulch. (OT hybrids like Conca ‘dOr, Cocossa, Tea for Two, Eudoxia, Scheherazade, Sweetheart, etc.), same as Purebred Orientals, down to Zone 3 or 4 if well mulched for winter, and seem to be more resistant to late frost damage, plus because of the “trumpet” genes, they do not require as much winter chill as Oriental lilies, thus are very suitable for southern areas and will take higher heat in summer.

Triumphator (LO)

Longiflorum-Oriental Hybrids – Zones 7-10, colder with winter mulch. (LO hybrids like Gizmo, Triumphator, etc.), about the same as Purebred Trumpets and are suitable for southern areas that have higher heat in summer. For colder areas and heavily mulched over winder, down to Zone 3 or 4, but could be subject to late freeze damage in May, cover emerging stems if temperatures below 30 degrees F. are expected.

Find your USDA Hardiness Zone

The following are examples of USDA Zones in the USA and Canada, if your location is not listed, look at the average low winter temperature listed (Fahrenheit, not Celsius). The general guidelines are based on average low temperatures. To open a new browser window access the interactive map click USDA Zone Chart

Lily's is good (lovely garden seating)

2004-11-05 10:09:35 by sanguine

Joe's is a skip away and much better IMHO. Still, I really like Lily's. You said unique-these would both fit the bill. To add to the list: Mercedes Grille, Cafe del Rey, 26 Beach Cafe, and Casablanca. Latter is very decent, inexpensive mexican. Amazing combos for 6-7 dollars. Best part are the fresh tortillas (made on a grill in the restaurant) served w/ a salsa verde full of cheese and avocado. Complimentary. After two of these I usually have to take my lunch to go!

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