Meaning of the Casablanca Lily

All flowers have meaning and for this coming Valentine’s Day you want to make sure that you pick out the perfect bouquet. But what is the meaning of the flower that you give? Although there are hundreds of types of flowers,here are a few of the more common and some have various meanings based on their color.

pink- gratitude
red- flashy
striped- refusal
white- remembrance
yellow- cheerful

Daisy – innocence

Lilac - first love

calla- regal
casablanca- celebration
day- enthusiasm
stargazer- ambition
Orchid- delicate beauty

pink- friendship
red- love
red and white- unity
white- purity
yellow- zealous

pink- caring
purple- royalty
red- declaration of love
white- forgiveness
yellow- hopelessly in love
violet- faithfulness

Lily's is good (lovely garden seating)

2004-11-05 10:09:35 by sanguine

Joe's is a skip away and much better IMHO. Still, I really like Lily's. You said unique-these would both fit the bill. To add to the list: Mercedes Grille, Cafe del Rey, 26 Beach Cafe, and Casablanca. Latter is very decent, inexpensive mexican. Amazing combos for 6-7 dollars. Best part are the fresh tortillas (made on a grill in the restaurant) served w/ a salsa verde full of cheese and avocado. Complimentary. After two of these I usually have to take my lunch to go!

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