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They have clear opinions on which work and which don’t. Sarah - the eldest sister of the three siblings who run the nursery with their mother (set up by their grandfather) - reports that the better quality bulbs at lower prices are available from Dutch growers who are breeding lilies for the cut flower trade. These are grown on a huge scale, with bulbs of one new white hybrid ‘Eyeliner’, filling 10 hectares — as far as you could see — with nearly 10 million bulbs for one year’s supply of just one form. Growing in such volume means they are cheaper than traditional garden varieties like ‘Golden Splendour’ and ‘African Queen’ whose propagating areas and numbers are minute in comparison. As these new Dutch-bred lilies are intended for cut flowers, they are selected for good leaves and strong stems as well as fantastic and powerful scents — all characteristics ideal for gardeners, too. American and New Zealand breeding programmes tend to be for garden varieties; American lilies in particular tend to have weaker, floppier stems in Hyde’s experience, much less perfume and do not excel.

Some of the new varieties at Hyde’s were just too big and blousy for me, with flowers the size of a vast fruit bowl, but some were magnificent - the best of which are here below (a selection are at Hampton Court).

Best of the new lilies

There are two main groups as a result of new crosses. The first are the Longiflorum Oriental hybrids (or LO’s), the second the Oriental Trumpet hybrids (or OT’s).

Longiflorum Orientals

This cross makes for heat tolerance - probably coming from the longiflorum parent; long, thick petals (again from the longiflorum parent), with increased flower size (from the Oriental side), plus pH tolerance (you can grow them in alkaline and acid soils, a mix of both parents) and you add together two already incredible volumes of perfume.

‘Gizmo’ I fell head over heels for this brand new LO, a massive and spectacular white, with flowers 10 inches across, and crimson stamens, which Hyde’s showed for the first time at Chelsea this year. It seems to grow happily in most soils, bar very heavy clay. It has strong, self-supporting stems, good leaf quality and brilliant blooms.

Oriental Trumpets

This is a huge new, up and coming lily group, developed to increase the modern colour range - adding the yellow from the Trumpets to the crimsons, whites and pinks of the Orientals. They then turned out to be very good hybrids and so have come to dominate the new breeding scene. Not surprisingly with this parentage, this is the most strongly scented group — with some almost too strong. They are reliable to grow on any soil pH.

Lily's is good (lovely garden seating)

2004-11-05 10:09:35 by sanguine

Joe's is a skip away and much better IMHO. Still, I really like Lily's. You said unique-these would both fit the bill. To add to the list: Mercedes Grille, Cafe del Rey, 26 Beach Cafe, and Casablanca. Latter is very decent, inexpensive mexican. Amazing combos for 6-7 dollars. Best part are the fresh tortillas (made on a grill in the restaurant) served w/ a salsa verde full of cheese and avocado. Complimentary. After two of these I usually have to take my lunch to go!

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