Silk White Casablanca Lily

Natural Touch & Silk Bouquet

=== **IMPORTANT NOTE:** I'M ON VACATION NOW & WILL MAKE YOUR ARRANGEMENTS BY EARLIEST. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ITEM BY END OF OCT OR EARLY NOV. PLEASE PURCHASE AS NORMAL. I STILL CHECK MESSAGE. === Five real touch white calla lilies are placed randomly in the round glass vase. Some artificial wood-like materials are added to bring it closer to Mother Nature's creation. This silk floral design is so special and beautiful, making it a great piece of art in your home. Of course, acrylic water (fake water or faux water) is poured in the bottom to keep it realistic as well as hold the flowers in place.

Height: 11"
Width: 11.5"

Lily's is good (lovely garden seating)

2004-11-05 10:09:35 by sanguine

Joe's is a skip away and much better IMHO. Still, I really like Lily's. You said unique-these would both fit the bill. To add to the list: Mercedes Grille, Cafe del Rey, 26 Beach Cafe, and Casablanca. Latter is very decent, inexpensive mexican. Amazing combos for 6-7 dollars. Best part are the fresh tortillas (made on a grill in the restaurant) served w/ a salsa verde full of cheese and avocado. Complimentary. After two of these I usually have to take my lunch to go!

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Tanday #(1467) 6 pcs Pink Realistic Looking Luxury Silk Casablanca Lily Flower Bush 24" w/ 14 flowers (7" wide).
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • Flower : Casa Blanca
  • Color: As Pictured & Described
  • Size:24
  • Material :Silk

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