White flowers Lily

White lily flowers

the white lily flowers is linked to Juno, queen of the gods in Roman mythology. As the story goes, some milk fell from the sky when he was nursing her son Hercules, resulting in a group of stars we call the Milky Way the white lily flowers are designed from what milk fell to the earth. Easter lilies can also be regarded as a symbol is included with the image of the Virgin Mary. It grows through the Mediterranean and West Asia, and possibly all of it originated in Persia and Syria. Although it is generally cultivated as a garden plant, it can be identified spontaneously evolved from the fields around the garden and houses the nation like that of white lily flowers

A white lily flowers life often is an annual plant, growing to a height of 60-150 cm. The flowers are quite large and conspicuous white light. Every single blooms have six slightly curved petals and six stamens with white filaments and pistils vibrant yellow prolonged. For historic Greece, these blooms represent the innocence of soul and will usually be used in the burial of young children or people revered saint In today's culture, this stunning bloom is used in marriage to symbolize purity and reverence of marriage vows couples. some reported that the white lily flowers was like this

Perhaps the most considered the symbolism of flowers is beautiful 'is that of the Easter lily. lilies bloom is used to symbolize the purity of the Virgin Mary. Even so, the symbolism is developed to represent a godly creature will come back in history to Roman times, where it is believed that the white lilies clear shade obtained in milk fell from the goddess Juno, queen of the gods. It is clear that these blooms have had a big effect on the consciousness of humanity.

Although the white lily flowers is usually meant to symbolize purity, almost all white flowers can be a substitute, which includes the famous bright white roses, carnations, and various other flowers. Before you go to produce modifications, consider a second message that you want to send. Just like a lily has a personal symbolism, so do the other Ratings. 9 User Reviews.

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I know...you only asked about white flowers...

2006-10-21 12:52:55 by dizzyturtle

But here is list number three; I don't want to see you asking next week what another color means so this should cover any bouquet, yes, even wildflowers.
Alyssum - worth beyond beauty
Amaryllis - pride
Anemone (windflower) - anticipation
Aster - patience
Bird of Paradise - joyfulness
Bluebell - constancy
Calla lily - magnificent beauty
Carnation - fascination
Chrysanthemum - fidelity
Cornflower - great happiness
Crocus - cheerfulness
Daffodil - chivalry
Daisy - innocence
Forget-Me-Not - memories, farewell
Freesia - innocence
Gardenia - secret love
Gerbera daisy - beauty
Gadiolus - sincerity
Honeysuckle - generous affection
Hydrangea - heartfelt
Iris - my...

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