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At home in full sun or partial shade, in beds or containers, and by itself or combined with annuals and perennials, BIG™ Red with Bronze Leaf flowers early and often. It's one of the BIG™ series of hybrids (part Angelwing Begonia and part Begonia semperflorens) with an arching, upright habit and well-branched stems that hold large, 2-3in blooms above the leaves. An absolute knockout for summer color, and you'll want to bring this one indoors for the winter, too.

The genus Begonia offers some outstanding plants for foliage. They need bright, indirect light, well-drained soil, at least 50% humidity, and warm temperatures to be at their best. During the summers, they become one of the most stylish and exciting plants for a shady container.

Have flowers and tree seeds

2007-09-19 13:16:27 by MDRickards

I have Johnny 4 o'clocks and morning glories, and a tall blue daisy looking thing that makes a large rattle (I'm told to use in dried arrangements) full of seeds.
I also have tons of seeds for red bud trees, the pink plume thing with fronds for leaves, and a pretty tree, with large heart shaped leaves that blooms in early spring with tons of white flowers.
Would give away seeds, but would love to get some in return...

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