Large Weed with white flowers

One of my orchids watercolor paintings 'Dancing White Orchids' Watercolor 21x14
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Original watercolor on archival paper - click for more views

"Dancing White Orchids" original watercolor painting 21x14in


  • Original hand-painted watercolor - only one of its kind - on archival watercolor paper, 100% acid free cotton rag.
  • Painted with Winsor & Newton permanent professional watercolor paints for a rich color that lasts.
  • The paper size is 22 x 15 inches. Image size, once matted, is 21x14 inches [53 x 36cm]
  • Unframed so you can choose the style and colors you like.
(Copyright watermark does not appear on the painting)

"Color. For me, what instantly drew me to Janet's work is her use of color. Bright,
vibrant, saturated, happy color. Her work is sunny and makes me feel good." ~Linda

Painted to the edges of the paper - 22x15 inches (21x14in visible in a mat)

How this piece looks in a frame: (there is no watermark on the original painting)

The first picture the one with the penny

2009-04-08 09:29:31 by countrygent00

Is commonly known as loco weed. Before the spiny pod forms it has a very attractive rather large trumpet shaped white flower. I forget the technical name for it. The yellow flowering shrub upon first glance appears that it could indeed be forsythia, but after a closer examination I believe it is what is known as "Broom". It is just the way the flowers are shaped that makes me think this. They bloom profusely in the spring and give way to green foilage. They are a short lived shrub that can get perhaps 10 feet tall at maturity. By short lived I mean they may die off anywhere between 5 and 10 years old

Loss of white honeysuckle blooms

2010-04-28 10:07:06 by cindydonahey

There used to be bee plantations - a mile or more in size. People trained the white honeysuckle to grow up trees - and watered and fertilized it. It bloomed like heaven itself, and with proper care, it could bloom all season. There is supposed to be a pink honeysuckle admidst what is now an invasive weed. They all planted fruit trees (the most religious had sour apples and nasty pears fit only for applejack and pear brandy) and large rose bushes. This was during the time of the passenger pigeons, and like everything else, they benefited from big overhead manurings.
They also planted pussywillow and black locust, taking what was best from Europe and the higher...

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