Large Weeds white flowers

Flower Name and Description Seedling Pearlwort (Sagina)

Several species, some perennial, some annual, all forming tight grassy mats with small green or white flowers in summer. They self-seed yards away from the original plant, into grass, gardens or driveways. The only consolation is that they attract Greenfinches for their seeds.

Hairy Bitter Cress (Cardamine hirsuta)

An elegant little plant, with a lacy basal rosette and little white flowers in clusters. 1" to 1' high, flowers from February on, quickly forming seedpods which explode and send seed in all directions. Can form large mats, and has several generations a year. Shallow rooted, so can be hoed, and flimsy leaves dry quickly if left on the surface. An annual, but difficult to eradicate.

Daisy (Bellis perennis)

The familiar garden weed, usually found in lawns, but also seeding around beds and driveways. A neat rosette of rounded leaves, with a largish white daisy with yellow centre on short stems. The outside of the petals is often tinged with red. Perennial, and spreads to form large mats.

Whitlow Grass (Erophila verna)

A rather feeble version of the more garden-worthy Drabas. A similar basal rosette of pointed, dimpled leaves, with a thin stem to 1-3" high, and a small cluster of little white flowers on top. Similar to Bitter Cress, but the leaves aren't divided and the rosette is always small. February on.

Ideas for large lawn

2012-03-15 11:06:18 by franniegardens

We live on a farm and are deal with weeds constantly, as we only use organic practices.we are..pulling, mulching, etc. I think it would be great to turn part of the lawn into gardens....raised beds if you can find some old wood and knock together boxes about 4 x 8. It is great to raise your own veggies. The kids will love it and see and taste how much better your own raised veggies are. Not to mention lowering your food costs because you can freeze and can any extras, and sell them if you have enough.
But, what I have found that works in a small garden area is old carpet, which people throw away

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