Large white Flower Arrangements

Floral Step 7Using water tubes for the orchids, insert the tubes into the foam right up against the roses. So far, all the flowers in the centerpiece have thicker stems, or, like the orchids, are in water tubes. This follows the principle of putting the hardier, larger-stemmed flowers into an arrangement first.


The next step is to add the other more delicate flowers—the calla lilies, snowball viburnum, lisianthus, hyacinths, delphinium, hypericum berries, and ornithogalum. You might notice that there are several buds of the lisianthus peeking out over the other flowers. These buds, along with their flowers, add a touch of asymmetry to the arrangement.

Floral Finished Bouquet


Having put as many flowers as is humanly possible into the centerpiece, add a final crowning touch—a stem of grass with each end held by a small green wooden stake. Then split the grass stem down the middle, making it look like a decorative handle for a basket made of flowers.

While it may take awhile to feel like a professional florist, don’t get discouraged! This arrangement is very forgiving – the more asymmetrical the better.

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