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White flowering dogwood tree

White Batflower (Tacca integrifolia), An Exciting New Flowering Foliage Plant

Alan W. Meerow

The genus Tacca consists of long-lived, short stemmed, rhizomatous or tuberous herbaceous plants. All but one species occur in Asia. Four species of Asian Tacca have attractive, entire leaves, vertical growth habit, and strange whisker-like (filiform) bracts below the flowers that can hang down for as much as 1 foot in length. It is these structures and their accompanying cluster of luridly colored flowers that has given rise to the sobriquet "batflower" for these marvelous tropical plants. Cloaking the flowers from above are several broad and showy bracts, expanding like bat wings. Tacca chantrieri was the first of these species to make a splash in the horticultural world. In this species not only are the flowers and filiform bracts dark maroon, but so are the broad bracts that rise up above and behind the flowers. For many years this has been the only batflower grown in the United States and Europe. A handful of nurseries in Florida regularly list this species as a novelty.

Tacca integrifolia, the White Batflower

Unlike its close relative, T. chantrieri, T. intergrifolia has white bracts hovering over the nodding flowers. The bracts are beautifully veined with purple. The plants reach about 4' in height (about twice the ultimate height of T. chantrieri). The rhizome of this species grows vertically and the crown of large, attractive leaves emerge from the top of the rhizome. The leaves superficially resemble those of some Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum), but the resemblance ends when the flowers begin to appear. The good news for foliage producers in Florida is that flowering plants of the white batflower can be finished in under 1 year from seed.

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