Large white Flower Rings

I found the most gorgeous and really stunning diamond flower rings that sparkle for her!
Heart rings and flower rings,in my opinion,are the most beautiful rings there are!
I'm sure many women agree with me on this one.... We love hearts and flowers!
If you are getting engaged,celebrating your wedding anniversary,buying a very special Valentines gift or just want to express your love,think about getting her a diamond flower ring!
They are very sweet and precious!
Whatever the reason for getting her a diamond flower ring,I'm sure she will treasure it forever!
Here you will find a few of the cutest and mos sparkly ones!
I hope you enjoy my selection!
Modern Accents 5.5 Inch Soft Lace and Fabric Hair Flower and Brooch (White)
Beauty (Modern Accents)
  • Beautiful 5.5 inch Soft Fabric and Lace Flower or Brooch in one
  • Doesn t wrinkle and you can squish it will hold it s shape (great for traveling)
  • Beautiful for Weddings, Business or any occasion
  • Strong Alligator Clip with teeth and a pin to attach to clothes or purse
  • Makes a beautiful gift or the perfect bow on a gift

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Webb Direct 2U Girls Dual Function Mesh Rose Flw Clip ~ White (1171)
Apparel ()
  • Dual Function Mesh Rose Silk Flower Clip Bow
  • Approximately 6 Diameter Layered Silk Flower with Mesh Lace Trim
  • This bow has two different types of attachment: an alligator clip and finally a safety brooch pin. 12pc Large 4D Poly Silk/Mesh Rose Brooch Flower Bouquet & Leaves/Stem Ivory White (F67-Cream)
Single Detail Page Misc (
  • wholesale, cute, x mas holidays, gift, wedding
Large Hydrangea Artificial Flower Hair Clip/Pin Brooch, White
Beauty ()
  • Flower: Large Hydrangea
  • Color: White
  • Diameter: 6.5
  • Height: 3
  • Closure: Round Metal Pin/Clip

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