Large white Flowering shrub

10 Flowering shrubs that are easy to grow.Butterfly Bush (Zone 5 – 9 ) is a fast grower with droopy, graceful panticles of pink, yellow, white, or purple flowers that bloom in summer. 5 – 10′ tall, drought and heat tolerant. Plant in full sun. Prune hard in late winter as flowers emerge from new growth. Attracts butterflies.

Buttonbush (Zone 5 – 10) fragrant, puffy white flowers bloom in late spring, attracting butterflies. Plant in moist soil. Will not tolerate dry conditions.

Forsythia (Zone 5 – 8) is often the first bright color of spring, an easy to grow, easy to propogate (shove a stick of it in the mud). Bright yellow flowers bloom on a fountain shaped shrub. Tolerates shaping but looks awful if you cut it into geometrical shapes.


Hydrangeas. (Zone 4-7) They come in several varieties and are known for their large, late summer blooming showy flowers which are really clusters of small flowers. Part sun/part shade with shade in the late afternoon. Large leaves. Decrease soil acidity for pink flowers, increase for blue. Flower heads are good for cutting. Flowers bloom on last year’s growth so if you want to prune, do it right after flowering.

Mountain Laurel (Zone 4 – 8) is a slow grower with clusters of white, pink, or red flowers in early summer. An evergreen with glossy, green leaves that grows 7 – 15′ tall. Plant in full sun where summers are cool, partial shade in warm regions. Planting Mountain laurel in shade will create an open growth habit.


Lilac Zone 3 – 7) is an upright plant up to 15′ tall and produces extremely fragrant spring blooms in white, rose, purple and lilac. Plant in full sun. Deadhead flowers. Susceptible to powdery mildew in hot, humid weather.

Viburnum. (Zone 3-9) Among the most popular of ornamental shrubs and small trees, the viburnum is sought after for three reasons – it’s beautiful, it’s versatile, and it’s easy to grow. The are green year round. It is considered by some, to be the world’s most beautiful flowering shrub.

Rhododendron (Zone 4 – 10). Even though azaleas are of the rhododendron genus, commonly, rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs with large, dark green, leathery leaves, flowering later than azaleas with large, often unusually brilliant clusters of bell shaped flowers. Rhododendrons can grow up to 12′ but smaller varieties are available.

Azaleas. (almost all zones) They can be deciduous or evergreen with small, oval leaves, often used in foundation plantings. Both small and larger varieties are available in white, pink, red, scarlet, purple, violet, yellow, and orange.Plant in well drained soil in partial shade; full sun in northern climates. Feed in early spring. Water during hot months but avoid wet leaves – a soaker hose works well for this. If pruning is necessary, prune right after flowering.

Rose of Sharon (Zone 5 – 9) is an open, vase shaped shrub with large white, pink, red or purple blooms in mid summer and grows 8 – 12 feet tall. Full sun in moist, well drained soil. Prune in late winter to encourage flowering.

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35 WHITE CREPE MYRTLE Lagerstroemia Flowering Shrub Bush Small Tree Seeds
Lawn & Patio ()
  • BLOOM TIME: Late Spring - Early Summer
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 6 - 10 Feet . . . PLANT SPACING: 6 - 10 Feet
  • LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun . . . SOIL / WATER: Average - Dry
  • The Crepe Myrtle is considered a large bush/shrub or a small tree. They can be pruned to your desired shape and size. They can tolerate dry conditions, and will...

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