Large white flowers Blooms night

10 Seeds, Moonflower Lavender (Ipomoea turbinata)Unless you live in a tropical or sub tropical climate, you will probably have to grow them each year from seed.

Unlike some other Ipomoea, they like a rich, well manured soil so prepare the bed before planting out or sowing outside.

Most experts agree you should nick the seed with a file and even soak it for 24 hours too before sowing. If you have late frosts, sow the seeds indoors, about a month before the last frosts, to give the plants time to germinate and start growing before planting out. That way you will get flowers sooner than waiting to sow them until after the last frost.

Giant White Moonflower 20 Seeds/Seed Ipomoea albaThis moonflower does not like having its roots disturbed so put the seeds in peat or other bio-degradable pots that eventually can be planted in the ground and will rot away.

If your area is quite mild and it's unusual to have frost after about April, then you can sow them outside in the ground in the place where you want them to grow. They need support to twine around so provide them with a wall, canes, netting, etc.

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Night Blooming Cereus "Bloomed"

2011-10-22 03:19:12 by xyourxtra

• Last night I noticed something white out the window and went out to see what it was.
The ugliest potted plant that we have had three, of the most beautiful flowers on it with the greatest smell. I took pictures, did research, took one to Mother, and put them in a dark room, to see If they wood bloom again. It didn’t . It is a night Blooming Cereus. Native of Hawaii. Blooms once a year, full moon,.... I have two large plants, rooted cuttings from last year, and I just trimmed the plant, and am making, clones.
Flowers of this Night-blooming Cereus open once a year after sunset for one night and ONE NIGHT ONLY

Nice pic

2008-05-03 11:43:01 by GrandDragon1

Never heard of Dragon Fruit either. Thanks,
A pitaya is the fruit of several cactus species, most importantly of the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitayas). These fruit are also known as pitahaya, dragon fruit,("fire dragon fruit"),("dragon pearl fruit"), strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long. Native to Mexico and Central and South America, the vine-like epiphytic Hylocereus cacti are also cultivated in Southeast Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. They are also found in Okinawa, Israel, northern Australia and southern China. Hylocereus blooms only at night; they have

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