Large white Flowers for wedding

White Church Flowers

for wedding in Inistioge Church and Mount Juliet, Thomastown

Both Kendals Restaurant in Mount Juliet as well as the Church in Inistioge are very popular weding destinations in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Many local brides as well as many not so local brides choose to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful restored and decorated church on the square of the picturesque village of Inistioge with the reception in the beautiful dining room of Kendals Restaurant on the famous Mount Juliet Estate.

white wedding flowers

The church is only a 15 minuted drive from Mount Juliet trough the magnificent country side of south Kilkenny and with its lovely old country pubs and beautiful square across from the church almost everyone will feel that they have stepped back into the time of Circle of Friend – one of the film that was filmed in the village of Inistioge.

Our florists at Lamber de Bie Flowers enjoy these views and surroundings very often as we are lucky that many brides choose us to look after the flowers for their wedding day.

pew arrangements with white flowers

After decorating this church we often stop for an icecream from the local village shop opposite the church. This week was no different and after completing the flowers in the church we were on the way to put the finishing touches to the floral decor for the wedding in Kendals Restaurant on the Mount Juliet Estate while enjoying our summer treat.

Both for het bouquets, church flowers and flowers in the weding venue the bride had choosen to go with all white flowers. Her bouquet was a compact hand tied bouquet of white roses with white Lily of the valley.

The church was decorated with large glass vases filled with lots of magnificent white delphinium flowers as well as arrangements that included lots of white, scented summer flowers such as Stock and Phlox.

On the dining room tables we she choose elegant glass vases with some white roses and large vases with again the Delphiniums at the entrance and beside the fireplace in the Restaurant.

It was a delight for us, once again, to look after the flowers for yet anothe bride choosing Lamber de Bie flowers for her wedding flowers. And with a phone call two days after the wedding from the bride’s mother to express her thanks to us.

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Decorating Butter Cream Frosting
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Also some flavoring suggestions & tips:
White Wedding Cake Frosting -
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