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My name is Ted and I am new to this web site, but it does look like the place to be. I am retired and not too much of a gardener, but I am learning.

MOON FLOWERS, as far as I know are basically two types, The vine like Morning Glory called Ipomoea, and a small plant, some are calling a bush, that grows about 2+ feet in height with equal width called Datura. It is the latter than I am familiar with.

I purchased a pot containing three plants two years ago and was amazed at the large white flowers that opened at night, I live in central New Jersey and no one in my neighborhood had ever had any and everyone wanted one. Having a BROWN thumb I was certain that they would not last long, but they did, flower after flower until late fall.
Each flower that dies formed a prickly ball type sphere that if left on the plant would split open and drop seeds.

I picked these pods as they turned brown but before they split open, brought them in the house and let them finish drying out. I then split open the pods and removed the hundreds of seeds, placing them in a plastic container that some Won Ton soup came in.
They sat on top of my dishwasher, which is next to a window, all winter and up to early April.

I have a large pedestal type pot at my front door that we plant every spring with annuals, I told my wife I needed to use it before she planted. I mixed in some all purpose plant fertilizer in the old potting soil/top soil mixture that was left from the previous year and took about 20-25 seeds and just mashed them into the loose soil. Some could still be seen and others not when I was finished. I soaked/drowned the pot with so much water some of the seeds was floating on the water.

I soaked this pot daily until I could actually see little plants punching up in the dirt, at that time I just kept the dirt wet, not moist, but wet from then on. I harvested about 15-18 plants that are now about 1.5 feet high and growing. No I do not need all those plants, but not too shabby for Mr. Brown Thumb. I have given...

When I taught cake decorating I used this

2013-12-17 17:33:18 by MzBehavin

recipe from my first instructor. The reason I like it is that it combines the flavor and texture of real butter cream frosting with the stability of decorator shortening cream.
Decorating Butter Cream Frosting
2 lbs. Powder Sugar
1 cup Butter slightly soft
1 cup Vegetable Shortening
1/4 cup Milk
1.5-2 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Butter Flavoring
Mix the butter and shortening together until blended, add two cup of sugar and 1-2 Tlbs. of milk at a time incorporating each before adding next, add flavoring last.
Also some flavoring suggestions & tips:
White Wedding Cake Frosting -
1 tsp

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