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I spotted this tree in a back garden in Canterbury because of its lovely dome shape & the large white Camellia-like flowers that were festooned all over the tree. The tree looked far better than it does in my photograph.

The Gordonia is colloquially called the Fried egg plant. This is an odd name for a tree, but it is given because the flowers resemble fried eggs from a distance – big yellow yolk surrounded by white. Its botanic name was originally Gordonia axillaris, but it was renamed Franklinia axillaris. It is also called Polyspora axillaris. Helps lessen confusion.

The Gordonia is a small stature evergreen tree with a height that reaches 3 -5 metres (10-16 feet). If left to grow naturally it has a dome shape, but you can prune it to promote bushy growth. It can also be made into a hedge if pruned into shape while the trees are young.

The tree becomes festooned with large 10 cm white flowers (4 inches) from autumn to spring so this is a great tree if you want flowers during the winter months. The flowers resemble Camellias & have long golden stamens. The flowers drop from the tree landing face up & form a carpet around the tree providing another angle of beauty. However, if you would dislike a carpet of flowers around the tree & think this is messy, then a Gordonia is not the tree for you.

The dark green leaves & develop red tips in winter. The orange/brown patchy bark is also pretty. Gordonia’s cope with both full sun & part shade.

The Gordonia is easy to grow & is virtually pest & disease free making it an excellent street tree & is used extensively throughout St Ives on Sydney’s North Shore. They are slow to grow, so would have a better chance of surviving if a larger specimen was planted. They are also good for small gardens & for a ‘statement tree’ when you want visual impact.

Imagine a street with these trees planted under the powerlines. It is likely that they wouldn’t require pruning for many years & would bring colour & beauty to the streetscape. They also attract nectar-feeding birds & bees.

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WILD CUCUMBER -------------

2012-07-31 14:32:01 by -

(Echinocystis lobata)
In the early l960s several children in Ojai, California, began conversing with
nonexistent persons and showing other symptoms of severe hallucination. It was
learned that they had been nibbling on the seeds of wild cucumbers. This low
crawling vine of the melon family can be found growing among thickets along
the coastal slopes of California, Washington and Oregon, as well as in many
other places throughout the U.S. It has greenish-white flowers and a spiny,
green, oblong fruit containing four large seeds. There is no information

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