Large white flowers with red Center

If you were looking for christmas centers table with flowers, to take as a model for your table, then we present a selection of interesting models, accompanied with flowers.

Christmas Center table with red flowers and green leaves.

Christmas Center table with red, orange, green leaves and branches.

Christmas Centerpiece table with two large red flowers.

Christmas Centerpiece table with a big red flower, green leaves and branches of the same color.

Christmas Centerpiece table with a red flower into a bowl decorated with red ribbon and green branch.

Christmas Centerpiece table with white flowers, pine cones and evergreen branches.

Christmas Center table with red and green leaves, accompanied by pines and red spheres.

rustic Christmas Centre table with red flowers.

Christmas Center table with red flowers and a vase of the same color in the middle.

Christmas Center table with red flowers, fruits of the same color and green branches, amid must candleholder.

I hope you liked these Christmas Centerpieces models
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Photos of vines

2003-06-30 11:47:40 by pro

I agree with plantjosh that you are thinking of Mandevillea which has huge pink trumpet shaped flowers: (Scroll down to the third photo in the center - pink flowered vine w/large green oblong wrinkled leaves)
Pandorea jasminoides has very glossy multi-part leaves and the flowers are pink trumpets but they are not large.
Here is a photo of the Trumpet Vines purple-red Distictis and a description of two lighter colored ones. The shape of the flowers is distinct from the Mandevillea and will help you tell the vines apart.

More of list

2007-04-03 08:24:20 by luvplants

'CORAL CHARM' bears glowing coral to peach semidouble flowers as large as 8 inches across on 4-foot stems. Plants reach 36 inches tall.
'CORAL SUPREME' has lush pink, almost iridescent semi-double blossoms as wide as 7 inches on stems that can stretch 4 feet or longer. Plants grow 45 inches tall.
'EVENTIDE' bears coral to pink cup-shaped single flowers 6 inches across on 3- to 3 1/2-foot stems. Plants grow 3 feet tall.
'FESTIVA MAXIMA' produces white double flowers with vivid crimson flecks. The 6-inch-wide blooms are borne on 3 1/2-foot stems. Plants, with dark green leaves, reach 36 inches tall

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