Types of large white flowers

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The color White is a symbol of peace and purity.
The use of certain colored flowers can influence moods and perceptions. Since the 1600s in Constantinople, flower symbolism has been a significant part of cultures and religions around the world. Flowers accompany us in every major event in life. Birth, Marriage, Illness, Holidays, Special Occasions, and finally Death. The first book written on flower symbolism was Le Language des Fleurs by Madame Charlotte de la Tour in 1819.

A White Flower breathes a touch of heaven in its petals. It represents the heavenly, pious, and sincere feelings.

A white flower symbolizes “Innocence, Humility, Reverence, Peace, Purity, Perfection, Modesty, Virginity, Chastity, and Elegance.

If you're planning a wedding, I think it would be awesome to choose the thought represented by some of the white flowers below for your bouquet. The usage of white flowers for weddings is related to religion, the bride advertises her purity, bringing good luck to the ceremony and the wedding couple's future together.

A dried White Rose symbolizes “Death is preferable to loss of virtue”.

The meanings of ‘live’ white roses and rosebuds’ are included (if known) in the descriptions of the roses below.

The white Tulip flower is the symbol for “Forgiveness”.

A white Zinna symbolizes “Goodness”.

The white Carnation flower symbolizes “Innocence, Sweet and lovely, Pure love, a Woman’s good luck gift, and Remembrance”.

A white Camellia symbolizes “You’re adorable”.

The white Chrysanthemum symbolizes “Truth, and Slighted Love”.

White Hollyhock flowers are the symbol for “Female Ambition”.

White flowers are also used at funerals, representing peace. The white dove is the universal symbol for peace. White bouquets, wreaths or casket sprays is a message of peace and tranquility wished for the soul of the deceased.

This page was created to help every flower gardener, from the beginner to the seasoned master. Many times when planning your flowerbeds, you may know that you would like a certain flower color in a certain spot; and viewing the numerous nursery websites can become overwhelming with all of Springs flowers' colors presented together. With this page you can choose the white flowers easily.

My first garden (balcony)

2010-04-13 11:20:43 by new2gardening2

Hi. i am starting my first garden(s).
we have:
1. balcony with lots of sun and is intended for 2 chairs, no entertaining. looking to add large decorative pots with strong, interesting plants/flowers: yellow, orange, red, white, and lots of green.
2. balcony with moderate sun and rests over courtyard, intended for herb garden, entertaining, and "chill" ambiance. flowers/plants: purple, blue, magenta, white, and mix of light/deep greens. very interested in hanging plants as well.
any suggestions for types of herbs, flowers, shops, etc would be appreciated! thanks! :)

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