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Springtime here in Oz can mean the beginning of the Wattle Season ... but that's mostly in the southern states. There are no Acacia or Wattle blooms to be seen in the bushland around my place at this time of year. Here in my north-eastern corner of Oz, at the beginning of Spring, it's time for some Eucalypt blooms.

There have been blooms on the two Corymbia torellianas or Cadaghi Gums for a few weeks now, and they will continue to flower for several more weeks yet.
The Eucalyptus platyphyllas or Poplar Gums, out in the bush and on my property, have now joined the wonderful Eucalypt display as well. r. Some of the tiny little seedlings have already started blooming. They seem very keen to remind me just how cheery their flowers are!!!
The dwarf variegated Bougainvillea that grows next to the pergola has thrown out its first coloured bracts for the year. It will now bloom for many months after its wintertime snooze.
There's some lovely colour at the far end of the courtyard, next to the pergola.
I couldn't do without all my container plants out on the courtyard. Those lovely flowers really brighten my day.
I'm still waiting patiently for my Lilies to begin their display. Waiting ... waiting ... !!!!
Just a little diversion from blooms for the moment ... a pair of Sunbirds have been building their magnificent home out under the pergola in the courtyard. I've spent many an hour or so watching them build their long spindle-shaped nest.
It looks like they've used bits of bark, paper, feathers, grasses, leaves and spiders' webs. Usually these Sunbird nests have a little roof structure that sits over the entrance, but this particular nest doesn't have one yet. Maybe that will come soon.

What about rose of Sharon?

2005-09-29 01:20:02 by luvmycats

Or forsythia? First flowering bush in the Spring -- I love them. I like them free form and not trimmed, myself. They have a lovely, weeping natural form.
Rose of Sharon flowers later (July) and can get quite tall -- small tree size, but it's often used as a shrub. The flowers last for a while, too. They come in white, lavendar, and I've seen mixed bushes, too (flowers).
Both do really well in this area (I'm in N-NJ).
Rhododendrons they are pretty slow-growing and need LOTS of water to get established

Ideas for your garden

2007-01-03 00:11:52 by kmgardendesign

I'm a garden designer and these are some of my Mediterranean favorite plants:
-Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Gray' Blooms nearly year round
-Salvia 'Whirly Blue' or 'Pozo Blue' or 'Allen Chickering' A CA native with very fragrant leaves and striking early summer blooms
-Achillea millefolium 'Island Pink Yarrow' Another CA native with tiny fernlike leaves and pink/white flower heads. Spreads slowly for a very lush look
-Pink hedge roses 'Simplicity' is an easy (disease resistent) one that you can deadhead from time to time(or not) and looks striking mixed with the lavender. Mine bloomed into December
-Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' I use this as a groundcover around my patio, with roses behind it
-Citrus-no Mediterranean garden is complete without a Lemon...

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