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Ask the Expert: Can you identify this plant?

Hi – this plant has tiny white flowers with 5 petals and small green berry clusters (I don’t know if the berries will change color eventually). Can you identify it?

Los Angeles

Plant Expert Reply:

It is a little difficult to tell from the picture, but I think it is Carolina Horsenettle (Solanum carolinense). It is not actually a true nettle. The berries should turn a yellowish color. Carolina Horsenettle has spines on the stems and is considered a noxious weed in most states. It also has toxic properties. Be careful when your handle it. Take a look at the Carolina Horsenettle on the site for a positive identification.

What about rose of Sharon?

2005-09-29 01:20:02 by luvmycats

Or forsythia? First flowering bush in the Spring -- I love them. I like them free form and not trimmed, myself. They have a lovely, weeping natural form.
Rose of Sharon flowers later (July) and can get quite tall -- small tree size, but it's often used as a shrub. The flowers last for a while, too. They come in white, lavendar, and I've seen mixed bushes, too (flowers).
Both do really well in this area (I'm in N-NJ).
Rhododendrons they are pretty slow-growing and need LOTS of water to get established

Ideas for your garden

2007-01-03 00:11:52 by kmgardendesign

I'm a garden designer and these are some of my Mediterranean favorite plants:
-Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Gray' Blooms nearly year round
-Salvia 'Whirly Blue' or 'Pozo Blue' or 'Allen Chickering' A CA native with very fragrant leaves and striking early summer blooms
-Achillea millefolium 'Island Pink Yarrow' Another CA native with tiny fernlike leaves and pink/white flower heads. Spreads slowly for a very lush look
-Pink hedge roses 'Simplicity' is an easy (disease resistent) one that you can deadhead from time to time(or not) and looks striking mixed with the lavender. Mine bloomed into December
-Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' I use this as a groundcover around my patio, with roses behind it
-Citrus-no Mediterranean garden is complete without a Lemon...

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