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Ohio Perennial and Biennial
OK, Jcope85, your bush isn't dead at all. That white stuff on the leaves is powdery mildew. There is a easy fix for this fungus. I often use two different fungicides intermittently. The choice would be yours, but I like Bayer fungicide for powdery mildew and black spot one week and the next I like the neem oil. There are a multitude of fungicides for these very common problems and both are easily prevented. Notice I said prevention. Once the leaves have contracted it, the best thing you can do is pick the leaves off the bush.
These diseases won't "kill" your bush but over time will weaken them to the point they can't recover and then finally expire. This could take years, so to use a little prevention will keep them going. Spray your bush every 7 to 14 days for fungus. (Hint): Immunox has a really nice spay that is good for one or two bushes. This site will tell you about the product

I believe Ortho has one too.

The bottom part of the rose isn't dead either. Older roses get barky, almost tree like. In the rose world, they are called bare legs. This is the normal aging process.

Cutting the bush to 4 feet was a good choice. Now give it some rose fertilizer. This time of year, I wouldn't worry about what I feed it. It simply needs fed. Go for the Miracle Grow for Roses right now. It is chemical but quick acting and will give your abused and neglected bush the punch it needs to get started. Next spring you can start with the slower organics if you want to go that way. Actually, I like the organics, but they are slower and longer acting.

Also feed your rose bush banana peels or rotten bananas. Bananas are high in potassium which the rose bush enjoys for flower production.

I would feed the bush a banana every two weeks and the Miracle Grow once a month during the growing season. Make sure you ground water it about 5 gallons a week divided between twice a week. Depending on how neglected your bush was, it may take a couple of years for it to completely snap back. Watch the bottom of the bush for basal canes (new canes that will begin to grow from the graft, that big knot at or just below the dirt) for the sign that it is stronger. Any canes that grow below this knot should be cut away since they will be the root stock and not your rose.

What about rose of Sharon?

2005-09-29 01:20:02 by luvmycats

Or forsythia? First flowering bush in the Spring -- I love them. I like them free form and not trimmed, myself. They have a lovely, weeping natural form.
Rose of Sharon flowers later (July) and can get quite tall -- small tree size, but it's often used as a shrub. The flowers last for a while, too. They come in white, lavendar, and I've seen mixed bushes, too (flowers).
Both do really well in this area (I'm in N-NJ).
Rhododendrons they are pretty slow-growing and need LOTS of water to get established

Ideas for your garden

2007-01-03 00:11:52 by kmgardendesign

I'm a garden designer and these are some of my Mediterranean favorite plants:
-Lavender 'Goodwin Creek Gray' Blooms nearly year round
-Salvia 'Whirly Blue' or 'Pozo Blue' or 'Allen Chickering' A CA native with very fragrant leaves and striking early summer blooms
-Achillea millefolium 'Island Pink Yarrow' Another CA native with tiny fernlike leaves and pink/white flower heads. Spreads slowly for a very lush look
-Pink hedge roses 'Simplicity' is an easy (disease resistent) one that you can deadhead from time to time(or not) and looks striking mixed with the lavender. Mine bloomed into December
-Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' I use this as a groundcover around my patio, with roses behind it
-Citrus-no Mediterranean garden is complete without a Lemon...

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