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place plants on top of soil and play with the arrangement before digging inThe first tip Barb shared makes total sense but we’d never thought about the connection – you can anticipate this season’s standout garden color by looking at last year’s interior design and runway trends. And what was fashionable in 2012? Tangerine tango. ”Everybody is doing orange, such as new breed trusty rusty. Next year you’ll see emerald greens.”

Following design principals, you can then determine what colors combine. Which brings us to the other popular chromas on the block, chartreuse and purple. ”If you take take the two and put with the orange, it really ties them together. Zesty zucchini from hort couture, for example.”

leave space between plants to avoid overcrowdingThe color of the planter also comes into play and should highlight the hue of the plants, either by blending in or standing in stark contrast. “Matching or purposely not, the color palette. You should also pay mind to the style of house or apartment. With a contemporary house, you’re obviously not going to use an urn shape.”

Pulling it all together, Barb gathered a few interesting plants and first placed them all on top of the soil. Smart move. We’ve often dug right in only to realize too late that certain colors don’t work together or we’ve got the spacing all funky. By playing with the arrangement before committing to the dirt, you can see if the grouping will be aesthetically pleasing. “I follow the 3-5-7 principal, which is using an odd number of plants for balance.colorful-plants-white-flower-farm with a lopsided look. Remember, you don’t necessarily view a container from all sides so it doesn’t need to be symmetrical. The tallest plant can go in the back or a bit off center.”

Guess what we’d been doing wrong. Same with overcrowding. In our haste to make a beautiful planter, we often filled the entire thing from the get go, forgetting about the growing season. “If it looks good the minute you plant it, you likely over planted.”

Finally, just some practical advice. “It’s super important to put compost in with the potting mix. If the container is going to be outside, it’s even more important for water retention. This will hold the fertilizer so you don’t have to water quite as often.” At the end of the season, the plant has gotten all the benefits so you really only need to replace 2/3 or the upper half of the soil.”

Forsythia is inexpensive

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Rhamnus californica/Coffeeberry
Attractive native California shrub, 6 to 8 feet high. Bears black berries and tolerates all soil types. Ideal as a background or screen plant.
Christmas berry, holly berry or toyon
Heteromeles arbutifolia
This California native is an evergreen shrub that produces delicate white flowers and large clusters of brilliant red berries that birds love. Can be pruned into a small tree. Deer resistant. Fire resistant.

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White Daisy Garland Wedding Decor Silk Flowers
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Lamali Lamali 5' Small Flower Garland, White
Home (Lamali)
Fortune Products, Inc. Fortune Products PLG-100W Pearls and Lights Garland, LED String Lights, 4-1/2' Length (Case of 12 Strands)
BISS (Fortune Products, Inc.)
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  • Can be used to decorate tables, centerpieces, or flower arrangements for parties or weddings
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