Small white flowers all over lawn


With all the recent rain and warm weather in the Carolina Piedmont, most plants have shaken off winter's chill and the four-year drought by commencing new growth. Trees are leafing out--in some cases producing blossoms--and the first spring wildflowers are rising from a carpet of leaf litter in local woodlands. At Hilton Pond Center, heavy grazing and row crops during most of the past century eliminated many spring ephemerals, so our native flora are few in number. Nonetheless, there ARE species of wild plants blooming here if we simply stop and stoop to look more closely. This week we found four tiny flowers--each only a quarter-inch across--growing among the grass on the small patch of lawn in front of the Center's old farmhouse. to be found in your yard, too.

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Although it's considered a pest by some gardeners, we've always been enamored with the delicate flower of Chickweed (above), so-called because it often sprouts around hen houses; its seeds are a favorite food of peeps and wild birds. The genus name, Stellaria, refers to the star-like blossom that appears to have ten petals; a closer look reveals there are only five, each split just above its base. hat are shorter than the petals. A similar-looking plant, Cerastium, is also called "chickweed"; both genera include native and introduced species. Pictured here is S. media, a ground-hugging invasive from Europe that blooms and grows prolifically in spring before dying out and disappearing by early summer; it can be identified by a single line of nearly microscopic hairs along the length of its 8" stem. Chickweed's fresh shoots are used as a potherb and have a taste reminiscent similar to fresh spinach.


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Outside, the garage chimed and lifted its door to reveal the waiting car. After a long wait the door swung down again.
At eight-thirty the eggs were shriveled and the toast was like stone. An aluminum wedge scraped them down a metal throat which digested and flushed them away to the distant sea. The dirty dishes were dropped into a hot washer and emerged twinkling dry.
Nine-fifteen, sang the clock, time to clean.
Out of warrens in the wall, tiny robot mice darted. The rooms were acrawl with the small cleaning animals, all rubber and metal. They thudded against chairs, whirling their mustached runners, kneading the rug nap, sucking gently at hidden dust

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