Small white flowers Bloom fall

Stevia bears small white

This section includes varieties that peak in fall or bloom for a significant part of the season. Some are also included in our summer or winter lists if their flowering either starts in summer or extends into winter.


  • Salvia 'Amistad'

    (Friendship Sage) Thank you Rolando Uria of the University of Buenos Aries for this very fine plant. Discovered in 2005 at a plant show in Argentina, this truly unique hybrid sage has generated a great deal of excitement in the Salvia world. We are very excited to be able to offer this plant for the first time in the Spring of 2013.

  • Salvia adenophora

    (Oaxaca Red Sage) This rare sage has small, furry, bright orange-red flowers in abundance. It grows nicely in containers or, in mild climates, can become a large shrub in the ground. Attractive, bright green foliage and winter-to-summer blooming make it a desirable choice.

  • Salvia amarissima

    (Bitter Mexican Sage) Hummingbirds love this heat-tolerant Salvia, which is one of our best choices for shady, moist areas. The large-lipped, baby-blue flowers with white striations bloom from late summer through fall.

  • Salvia apiana

    (Sacred White Sage) Bees, hummingbirds and spiritual blessings are all connected to this elegant shrubby sage, which is an important herb to indigenous Californians and deserves a place in every salvia garden. Stiff and almost fleshy, its leaves are tight rosettes of brilliant, silvery white.

  • Salvia arizonica

    (Arizona Blue Sage) We are so impressed with this top-performing, drought-resistant ground cover that we have rated it best of class. Arizona Blue Sage is adaptable to a variety of shady conditions and blossoms so abundantly that it seems to have as many rich blue flowers as it has leaves. It is native to dry, shaded areas in mountain canyons in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

  • Salvia aurita sps. aurita

    (Oogseerbossie) Short and fragrant, this heat-tolerant sage is endemic to South Africa and Swaziland. Its whorls of lavender, double-lipped flowers bloom from spring to fall. They are marked with white throats, white beelines on the lower lip and bright green calyxes. The lax foliage is mint-green with simple, oval-shaped leaves.

  • Salvia azurea


Flowers for southfacing

2005-03-01 19:09:55 by iansgirl

Well, no flowers really bloom all year round, except maybe sweet allyssum (small little white groundcover flowers, that you can use for pots, too). You could try a mixture of sun-loving annuals in pots and see what does well. That way, if something does not work, it's not like you've lost a lot of money. If something works out wel, you can buy more. Do you really get sun in SF? :-)

I've had good luck

2002-06-19 09:52:25 by chowhound

In my north-facing containers with:
variety of campanulas
shade loving penstemon
bacopa (green w/small white flowers)
vinca minor (varigated leaves with pretty purple flowers)
nerembergia (purple or white papery flowers)
lamium (mostly for foliage)
some of these are annuals, but i've long since given up on having container flowers that last from year to year.
oddly enough, when i made the mental shift to just remove and replant when things poop out (as opposed to trying to keep things going indefinitely), i look forward to planting something new and the flowers seem to last much longer

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