Small White Flowers Close at Night

Dragon fruits are also known as Pitaya or “fire dragon fruit” in Chinese. They are native to Mexico, Central America, and South America but you can also find them in quite a lot of Asian countries. The outside of the fruit is a vibrant red with little “petals” sticking out of its skin. I always think of them as little red fireballs. The inside consists of a white flesh (sometimes red) with tiny little black edible seeds all over. The fruit is mildly sweet and mildly juicy. I love the little seeds that pop in your mouth. Dragon fruits are also very rich in fiber!

Several years back, my mom’s coworker gave us two dragon fruit vines so we could grow them ourselves. I’m embarrassed to say this, but we didn’t put much effort in keeping up with watering. However, last year, after 4 years of growing these two vines, we had our first dragon fruit. It definitely wasn’t the tastiest but it did come from our own backyard!

The other day, we noticed two little flowers coming out of the vines. I was extremely excited because dragon fruit flowers only bloom at night and they close up and start wilting the next day. Apparently, dragon fruits come out ~15 days after the flowers. Here is someone’s timelapse video on YouTube:

At around 10pm, my flowers started to open and I was able to capture some pictures.

While taking these pictures, the dragon fruit fragrance got really strong. It was almost as if I was eating one. Eventually, these flowers opened up really wide and were really beautiful. The next day, I went to check on them at noon, and they already closed up. I was really happy to capture some pictures of these awesome flowers. Now I will have to wait ~15 days to finally eat the fruit. Hopefully they are much tastier this time around.

My Sailing Adventure

2009-12-13 22:59:16 by wiseoldowl01

Amazing sights - I owned a 58 ft sailboat and covered 17,500 nm. OK things that I saw while sailing:
Gigantic surfing swells 30+ ft on the Pacific Ocean ;
Gray whales with their new born calves in Bahia Magdalena - I could touch them;
Water spouts - small tornedoes on the water that ripped my sails in an instant;
Moon rise on the ocean - it is unbelieveable;
Star rise on the Ocean - the stars and Milky Way are so bright;
Cruise ships at night - floating lighted birthday cakes;
The volcanoes in Guatemala and El Salavador as the sun rose;
A cloudy sky and absolutely no wind on the ocean - a perfect glassy sea - the netherworld - absolutely no reference, the feel of infinity;
Sundogs (parahelion) in the sky - perfect match to...

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