Small white flowers for Drying

PeppermintGrowing and drying your own materials can be very cost effective, educational and fun too. Often you can produce better quality dried flowers and plants for yourself than you can buy in the shops.

When you are first starting out, we recommend trying to dry many types of flowers. Some flowers that did not work well for us may be great for you because of your different drying, storing or handling methods.

StaticeThere is an enormous variety of plants and flowers suitable for drying for use in craft and floral hobbies. This is a short list of the most common types but there are many more possibilities and we encourage you to experiment.

The family Compositae, sunflowers, asters, daisies, usually do not do well, but there are exceptions like Teddy Bear Sunflowers and some Asters. Anything in the statice family, annual statice, German statice, pink poker statice, dries very well.Gypsophilia ry well, except basil and members of the family Umbelliferae like dill and its relations but there are exceptions in this family too, like Queen Anne's Lace and Ammi majus.


The quality of the finished, dried flower depends very much on the quality of the fresh flower you started with. Most flowers should be picked for drying just before they are fully mature. Make small to medium sized bundles tied with a rubber band (shrinks as the stems dry), and hang to dry in a well ventilated area out of direct light. Most plants will take about two weeks to dry under normal Alberta summer conditions. For detailed drying instructions see the section "Preserving Flowers and Herbs."

I just thought of a possible craft

2008-11-11 19:49:48 by pookaofEli

You could copy some old family pictures, can do it at home if you have software, or just take them to Wal-mart, Kinkos, Walgreens, etc. and have them do it, could do them all in black and white, or the petena type color (that brownish tint), anyway, cut them out and decoupage (clear drying glue type stuff can be bought at Michaels, etc.) onto a simple cheap plastic square tissue box cover. Most people use kleenex in the small box size and this would give them a neat cover for the cardboard box the kleenex comes in. You don't even have to use family photos....could just cut out pictures in magazines or old books of scenery, flowers, whatever, and decoupage onto the boxes to be used in specific themed rooms they might have

Here's what I ended up doing

2013-05-21 13:42:11 by gut_driven

I've had this bird salted and air-drying in the fridge since we slaughtered in on Friday. So it would be considered a brined chicken.
I made a paste from a finger-sized hunk of ginger, a couple small cloves of garlic, and white peppercorns, adding just enough lime juice to loosen the paste. I put this under the skin of the chicken, starting on the breast and working towards the legs as much as possible. I put a bit in the cavity on the underside of the breast and also on the bottom, covering the thighs and oysters. Then I went out to the garden and harvested a boatload of overgrown cilantro stems, many of them already flowering and developing tough stems

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