Small white flowers for Floral arrangements

Flower Arrangements - Winter

These romantic wedding arrangements are deliberately formal, with a twist: a mass of tiny frosted pearls are hidden in the boutonniere and bouquet.

A winter wedding is an ideal time to use flower design that is restrained and feminine, simple and soft. It's worth showing the bride how to hold her bouquet correctly: its weight should draw her arms down naturally so they are straighter, allowing the flowers to be shown off at the best angle.

Flowers, Foliage and Other Materials

For the boutonniere
1 stem white spray roses
1 ivy stem
wired pearls (available from hat makers, bead shops and specialty flower markets)
pearl-tipped pin

For the bouquet
9 white spray roses
9 white single 'Avalanche' roses
11 white freesias
7 white trachelium
5 white lisianthus
11 eucalyptus stems
wired pearls (available from hat makers, bead shops and specialty flower markets)

For each centerpiece
10 white spray roses
12 white single 'Avalanche' roses
12 white freesias
11 white trachelium
6 eucalyptus stems
6 ivy stems
12-inch wide floral foam ring with ring holder
large white candle
hurricane glass

For each pew end
8 white single roses
plastic bowl
block of garden foam
florist's tape
white netting

How to Arrange the Boutonniere

Sprays of wired pearls tucked between delicate spray roses lift this boutonniere out of the ordinary.

1. Wire the roses and ivy leaves. Gather several wired pearls into a spray and bind the wires together with stem tape.

2. Group the individual roses, arrange the wired pearls around them, and encircle them all with the ivy leaves. Trim the wires so they are graduated, wrap stem tape around all the wires and press the tape down with your fingers to seal it.

3. Mist the roses occasionally to keep them fresh until they are needed, then supply the boutonniere with a pearl-tipped pin to attach it onto the lapel of a jacket.

For more details on making a boutonniere, see our step-by-step instructions.

How to Arrange the Bouquet

This bouquet is a large spiral-stemmed design with pearls scattered through it. It has a high binding point to give it a compact look.

1. Divide the different ingredients into separate piles. Hold a rose and add one of each of the ingredients at an angle to create a spiral effect. Turn the bunch in the same direction as you work, and add lengths of wired pearls.

2. Add all the blooms in turn so that they are balanced equally throughout the bunch. Arrange the last two layers of flowers slightly lower around the edges to create a domed effect.

3. Secure the bunch with a length of raffia or string. Trim the stem ends with garden shears. If you want to cover the stems with ribbon, wind a long length of white ribbon down around the stems and up again. Tie the two ends together in a small knot and press pearl pins in a vertical line into the ribbon to secure it and create a pretty detail. Mist the flowers occasionally until needed.

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