Small white flowers four petals

Some lovely little flowers have appeared on the forest floor, adding more visual pleasure to my walks. I believe the flower above is called Starflower, Trientalis borealis. With its graceful pointed petals and delicate stamens and pistils, it's a tiny grace note nestled alongside fallen cones and needles.

This flower is a bit larger, with four perfect petals rising above a quartet of leaves. to identify this plant in my wildflower book; I'm almost tempted to think the flower is actually a bract, because in its earlier stage it is a pale green.

This flower was a real treat for me to notice and identify. On my walk today the woods had a lovely scent, a sweet smell of growth and moisture. the air smelled especially delightful, I looked around to see what could be the source. There were quite a few of these frothy little flowers, so I picked one and smelled it, and yes, it was wonderful. Being without a camera, I brought a few home to photograph and try to identify. I was excited to discover, if my identification is correct, that this is a Wild Lily of the Valley, or Canada Mayflower, Maianthemum canedense. Since true Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers, I will have a spot in my heart for these sweet woods blooms.

Perils of Publication (1 of 3)

2007-03-13 09:48:54 by OldMack

Perils of Publication
By Ron McKinney © 3/13/2007 11:04 AM
The galleys came in the snail mail two days ago. We’re still in the midst of Spring Cleaning, so the large white envelope from the publisher was buried under a ton of silk flowers—those flowers had been soaking in our bathtub for several days and changes of water to remove the accumulated dust and cigarette tars from their stems leaves and petals; quite frankly they look as beautiful as they did when shipped from the small village in the Peoples Republic of China where the locals used to hand-make burp gun parts and assemble mortar shells for their young, male volunteers trying to kill me in Korea; Flower power---silk flowers on plastic stems may be dry today and stowed away, and this dirty old man will replace...

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