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Epimedium brevicornu

Epimedium brevicornu (Several clones/Cc. numbers)

A beautiful hardy, deciduous species native to the northern regions in China where Epimediums are not normally found. These are divisions from plants collected during Darrell’s 2001 expedition to Henan Province where no Epimediums had been previously recorded. Produces an 8 to 10” high mass of small, rather round, heart-shaped leaflets. Numerous 10” long spikes carry “clouds” of small, star-shaped white flowers, each with short, reflexed spurs with a hint of yellow in the center. New leaflets may be speckled with reddish-purple and are thin and reminiscent of parchment paper to the touch. Hardy to Zone 4 and perhaps even 3.

Epimedium diphyllum

Epimedium diphyllum (Cc. 940545)

Only 5 to 10" tall in bloom, produces dainty, spur-less white, bell-shaped flowers over an extended period in spring for a very delicate effect. One of several clones imported from Japan. Semi-evergreen.

Epimedium diphyllum "Large Leaf Form"

E. diphyllum “Large Leaf Form” (Cc. 950062)

With the largest plant habit of E. diphyllum by far, its bolder leaflets are upwards of 4” long, 1-1/2” wide. White flowers slightly larger than other clones, on stems 10-12” tall. Semi-evergreen. Not available in 2014

Epimedium diphyllum 'Nanum'

E. diphyllum ‘Nanum’ (Cc. 950054)

A sparkling gem at only 2-4" tall at first bloom, and covered in white bell-shaped flowers. Ultimately reaches 8" high. Ideal for shady rock gardens, path edges or troughs.

Epimedium diphyllum 'Variegatum'

E. diphyllum ‘Variegatum (Cc. 950164)

Friends Roy Herold and the late Gerry Anderson bought this plant back from Japan for Darrell in 1995. The leaflets are variously stippled—some leaves are green with flecks of white, others white flecked green. The white variegation is enhanced with 2-3 hours of direct daily sun in our nursery. Dainty white flowers hover above leaves reminiscent of small spattered painter’s palettes. Foliage gradually turns greener through the season, but the variegation is still evident in the fall as the foliage turns to rusty red. 12" tall. $16

Epimedium fargesii

Epimedium fargesii (Several clones/Cc. numbers)

The typical form of a very choice species and the main target of Darrell’s November 2000 collecting trip to China. He gathered small divisions from a variety of plants at seven locations. 12-18” tall in bloom, with narrow, medium-sized arrow-shaped, dark evergreen leaflets. Medium-sized flowers typically have long, white/pale lavender inner-sepals that wrap around smaller, lavender spurs. Often both reflex backwards. Foliage exhibits dark maroon flecking in spring and sometimes fall.

Epimedium grandiflorum

E. grandiflorum (Cc. 920009)

The typical form of the species in the U.S., with rosy inner-sepals, and creamy-white spurs and cup. The small new spring leaflets have a brown-purple cast to them that nicely complements the flower color. 7" tall in bloom, with a second growth flush to 14".

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Album'

E. grandiflorum ‘Album’ (Cc. 950063)

A favorite of Darrell's since the first time he saw it in Harold Epstein’s garden, as it really stands out, very fresh and bright in the spring. Originally imported from Japan, it has large, pristine white flowers sus­pended above small, crisp apple green spring leaflets for a strikingly clean contrast. 6” tall in bloom, second flush reaches 18-20”.

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