Small white flowers in arrangements

Surely the first full week back at work deserves a treat to kick off the weekend. May I suggest these mini arrangements? Cheap and cheerful (and quick to make), these little buds are simple and unfussy, yet perfectly sweet to keep you company through these cold, winter days.

I picked white freesias and star of bethlehem as my focal flowers, complimented with light filler and wax flower and a pop of colour via the billy balls. The star of bethlehem hasn't bloomed yet in the picture but when it does, you'll see tiny white flowers with a black dot centre.

Approximate time: 20 minutes

Cost: under $15, makes about 3 bud arrangements

What you'll need for each arrangement:

  • 1-2 stems of green filler—pick something light with smaller leaves
  • 3 stems of freesia
  • 2 billy balls
  • 2-3 stems of wax flower
  • 1 stem of arabacum star of bethlehem
  • 3 small bud vases or jars
  1. Prep: select the stems you'll be using and prep them for the arrangement by cleaning off any leaves or foliage that will sit below the water line. You'll want the height of the flower arrangement to be somewhere between 1-1.5x the height of your vessel. Trim accordingly.

  2. Arrange: start with your star of bethlehem, held loosely between your thumb and forefinger. esia, at a slight slant, so that the stems start to spiral as you add more to the arrangement. Alternate adding in the freesia stems, wax flower and filler. At this point, don't be afraid to pull stems up or down to adjust the shape to your liking. I always prefer an asymmetrical look so I added the billy balls in last off to one side.
  3. Trim: Once you're happy with the look, continue holding the arrangement in your hand and trim off the excess stems. Gently insert the arrangement into your vessel, again adjusting the stems to your liking.

You're describing a lens problem (the blur)

2006-11-18 08:16:24 by -

You need a real macro lens or extension tubes for a dedicated portrait lens, so that you can focus up close. At least use fast single focal length portrait lenses.
I have suspended objects an adequate distance in front of velvet, flat linen materials, or other backgrounds such as flowers, to put the background far enough out of focus or play it way down, so to as not to be distracting to my subjects.
As well as small, highly reflective, shiny objects, I've shot glass and opaque objects that way. I have also used angled backlighting to illuminate the highlights of the color and fire of the objects

Chruchy wedding rant.

2012-07-16 12:59:44 by Praise_the_Lard

I already pissed and moaned about the reception on fb so I'll spare you that.
It was a small venue with a little less than 50 people. We had to get there an hour early so Chris's parents could help with the last minute details and they were riding with us. We were hoping to get to use that hour to sit down and snooze a bit since we had been awake with Chris having to work the night before and getting no sleep before driving out.
Soon as we sit down the pastor is telling Chris he is to be the usher and to roll the white carpet out after the parents sit down. The bridesmaids were frantic about running late, losing things and had me help with the flower arrangements

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