Small white flowers in Bouquets

Walks and picking

COLOR: White & Yellow

DESCRIPTION: Pure joy and affection is represented in the white and yellow roses that create this lovely bouquet. With artificial roses that are so realistic, you're sure to think they smell as pretty as they look! The rounded arrangement features three large white and two large yellow roses in full bloom, along with two smaller yellow new bloom roses. Tiny white flowers are scattered throughout, while three circular grass stems continue the design with a touch of natural green contrast. Layers of rose leaves circle the bouquet base where a white satin ribbon winds its way around the stems. Faux-pearl-topped pins attractively secure the stem wrapping at the top and bottom.

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS (Inches): Bouquet diameter 8. Height 10.


SPECIAL ORDER: If additional bouquets are needed or to request color changes, please email or call us immediately. Our bouquets are handmade and will receive prompt attention, but additional delivery time may be necessary.

Lots of fresh herbs!

2004-09-10 09:59:02 by Hidea

Buy bunches of fresh herbs like basil and cilantro, and treat them like bouquets of fresh flowers. Keep them in jars of water (change water daily) on your kitchen counter, and also snip the stems a little each day. Then you can break off small portions to throw in your food to jazz it up.
Fresh lemon or lime juice is great for flavoring foods instead of salt.
Cooking with alcohol also helps replace sodium. I love vegies sauteed in water and a little bit of olive oil, with a splash of white wine added when they are almost done.

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