Small white flowers in clusters

Blue elderberry (Sambucus

Native to most of the U.S. and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains, white snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) is a member of the aster family with toothed leaves and "clusters of small fuzzy white flower heads composed entirely of disk flowers" (most asters have ray flowers as well as disk flowers). According to the Illinois wildflowers site, "The common name of this species derives from the erroneous belief among early settlers that the bitter rhizomes were beneficial in the treatment of snakebites."

White snakeroot starts to emerge in the spring. You can see the veined, toothed leaves in this photo. The plants with the closed pinkish-white flowers surrounding these white snakeroot seedlings are spring beauty.

Habitats include moist to slightly dry deciduous woodlands, woodland borders, thickets, partially shaded to shady seeps, bluffs, woodland meadows along rivers, powerline clearances in woodlands, shady corners of pastures and yards, fence rows with woody vegetation, and overgrown vacant lots. This species is especially common in wooded areas that are rather disturbed and degraded, although it also occurs at higher quality sites.

During the summer, buds start to appear on white snakeroot plants. I took this photo in August.

The good news about white snakeroot is that many kinds of bees, wasps, butterflies, and moths enjoy the nectar of its tiny white flowers. Here's a close view of those flowers, which may appear as early as July and continue into late September or October., cherry tree info

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Cherry (P. avium - sweet / P. cerasus - sour) - Cherries are originally from Transcaucasia, Asia Minor and Persia. The Cherry is a very beautiful tree that provides excellent fruit. There are two kinds of Cherry trees - Sweet Cherries, which are cultivars of P. avium, and Tart or Sour Cherries, which are cultivars of P. cerasus. The dark red sweet Cherries are the kinds most often seen in the grocery store. Some sweet Cherries have yellowish flesh, these are usually used for maraschinos or canned fruit cocktails. Sweet Cherries are best eaten fresh as their delicate flavors don't stand up to cooking well

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