Small white flowers in spring

Spring Beauty WildflowerSpring Beauty

Photo courtesy of Leslie M. Weetman, PhD

There are over 1, 500 kinds of flowering plants that grow in Great Smoky Mountains, more than in any other American national park. These are some of the wildflowers and flowering shrubs commonly seen in the park during the spring months:

Spring Beauty - Claytonia virginica

Spring beauty is an early spring wildflower. The blossom has 5 pink-striped petals that are white or a pale pink. The plant is only 3 to 4 inches tall, and has a pair of oval, dark green leaves halfway up the stem. Spring beauty is commonly seen over a wide range of the park.
Bloodroot Wildflower


NPS Photo

Bloodroot - Sanguianaria canadensis

Bloodroot is an early spring wildflower. It has many narrow white petals surround a center of gold stamens. It also has veiny and deep-lobed leaves. The roots contain an orange-red sap, which gives the flower its common name. Bloodroot if frequently seen in the low elevations of the park.

Sharp-Lobed Hepatica WildflowerBloodroot

Sharp-Lobed Hepatica

Sharp-Lobed Hepatica - Hepatica nobilis

Sharp-lobed hepatica is an early spring wildflower. It has a single flower on a hairy stalk, with a cluster dark, pointed lobed leaves. Sharp-lobed hepatica is frequently seen in the mid to low elevations. Also found in the park is round-lobed hepatica (Hepatica americana) which has rounded leaf tips instead of pointed tip.

Smooth Solomon's Seal

Smooth Solomon's Seal- Polygonatum biflorum

Smooth solomon's seal flowers hang down below the hairless stem and area easily hidden by the leaves. Smooth solomon's seal is commonly seen in the mid to low elevations.

Smooth Solomon's Seal Foamflower Wildflower Galax

If you want to use shrubs

2009-01-06 14:12:20 by totallydigplants

Then I think your best bet would be viburnum odoratisimum. It's evergreen, medium fast growing, easily trimmed and available in Tampa. It gets small white flowers in spring. You could start with some 3 gallon size plants, but these may only start at 2' tall. If your budget allows, you could go to a 7 gallon size where the plants would be more like 3 1/2 to 4' tall.

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