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Easy Steps to Renovate Your

These may be areas of the garden that are in shade or part-shade.

The type of soil the garden has.

Structures such as sheds and paths that cannot be moved.

The space that you have for the planting area needs to be considered.

Are there already plants in your courtyard garden area that need to be kept or are you starting your courtyard garden from scratch?

Planning what plants to buy for your court yard area.

When selecting flowers and plants to grow in a court yard garden it is important to think about the size of the plant and the space they will occupy. Remember to consider how large the plant will grow too, do not be fooled by a small plant in a samll pot. Select plants that are not invasive, plants that spread by self seeding profusely or by roots that creep and take over areas of the garden will make work for the future as you struggle to control their spreading.

Close proximity to neighbouring plants means that the plants need to be chosen with care to enhance the group rather than one overwhelming the others.

Some plants will be better suited to being planted as edging plants than others, usually these will be the shorter more densely growing plants. These types of plants are the ones to use to soften the edges of the hard paving areas with the presence of their foliage and flowers. Usually they will be selected for their compact growing habit and also colour of foliage is often important. Variegated plants can work well here.

All of these factors need to be kept in mind when selecting a planting scheme for your small courtyard. You may want to draw up a plan of the plants you want to buy and where you will be planting them. Research now into the suitablity of them for their planting locations could save you time and money in the future.

I am looking at a picture of this old

2004-08-25 19:17:22 by house_thats_hanging

On the wall next to me and it reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a small child.
It is a two story ,gable roof,with a big covered porch and white picket fence.
Large Oak tree and flowers growing in the yard.
My remembering of my grand parents automatically go with thier house.
Wondered if any one else relates remembering grand ma and grand pa with thier house.

Desperately seeking R. occidental (wild azalea)

2006-09-25 15:59:45 by FishHead

I'm trying to find a native azalea specimen to take cuttings from. These shrubs generally have white flowers with a small splash of pink or yellow ... definitely not the flashy hybridized strains you see at most nurseries.
Do you have one in your back yard that you wouldn't mind parting ways with half-a-dozen small fresh branches?
Do you know of a good local wild source somewhere in the Bay Area? Lets go for a hike -I'll bring the rooting hormone!
Have you seen some at a local native nursery? -where!~?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, PLEASE let me know.

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