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pavers4My husband confessed to me the other day that he just doesn’t think he is a yard person. Which I think is ironic since he has done nothing but baby our front yard ever since planting it last year. That being said, I think I understand what he means, so I decided to help him keep our front lawn looking nice and tidy without all the hours of weed wacking that comes with such a task.

I don’t remember where I originally saw this idea, but I’m so glad I did. I just created a large flower bed along the front of the house using “stone” pavers, but I set them into the ground just a bit so that the wheels of the lawn mover roll right across the top, virtually eliminating the need to trim along the edge. (Yes, honey, you may thank me, again.)

The process is simple and I completed the installation by myself in about three hours. Here are the materials I used for this project:

  • pavers
  • shovel
  • sand
  • weed block matting

I chose imitation stone pavers from Home Depot in a variety of sizes to give it a less formal look. Make sure you buy pavers wide enough to allow your lawn mover blade to cut your grass along the outside edge.pavers2 like I wanted them and left them their for a couple of weeks until the grass under them died, but you don’t have to wait that long. It might make digging a bit more difficult, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Working in small sections to keep the integrity of the border shape, I pulled up the placed pavers and laid them to the side (keeping their original order). With my shovel I dug a shallow trench the width of the pavers and the shape of the border. Make sure you only dig down far enough to make your pavers the same height as your lawn. I laid down the weed block mat and a shallow lining of sand to level out the trench. One by one, I replaced the pavers in order, using the sand to keep things level (you may have to add sand along the way). After I finished replacing all the pavers, I continued with the next section and so on.

I am looking at a picture of this old

2004-08-25 19:17:22 by house_thats_hanging

On the wall next to me and it reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a small child.
It is a two story ,gable roof,with a big covered porch and white picket fence.
Large Oak tree and flowers growing in the yard.
My remembering of my grand parents automatically go with thier house.
Wondered if any one else relates remembering grand ma and grand pa with thier house.

Desperately seeking R. occidental (wild azalea)

2006-09-25 15:59:45 by FishHead

I'm trying to find a native azalea specimen to take cuttings from. These shrubs generally have white flowers with a small splash of pink or yellow ... definitely not the flashy hybridized strains you see at most nurseries.
Do you have one in your back yard that you wouldn't mind parting ways with half-a-dozen small fresh branches?
Do you know of a good local wild source somewhere in the Bay Area? Lets go for a hike -I'll bring the rooting hormone!
Have you seen some at a local native nursery? -where!~?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, PLEASE let me know.

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