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Image of Pink Dogwood BlossomThe Dogwood blossom (Cornus florida L.) is the North Carolina State Flower. The other common names of Dogwood include American Dogwood and Flowering Dogwood. Dogwood is a native of North America and the south of northern New England, Minnesota, and Wyoming. Dogwood is one of the most popular ornamental trees appreciated for its beauty, and for its use as the background tree in landscaping. The characteristic feature of the Flowering Dogwood is its showy flowers that bloom in Spring.

Kingdom Plantae Division Magnoliophyta Class Magnoliopsida Order Cornales Family Cornaceae Genus Cornus Species florida L.

from the flower expertsDogwoods are deciduous trees that grow to 15-40 feet in height and are generally wider than they are tall. Dogwoods bloom all year-round - flowering in spring, fruiting in summer, showing wine-colored foliage in autumn. The Dogwood's beauty is enhanced by the brilliant showyness of red, orange and scarlet foliage along with the bright red fruit borne in small clusters.

The Dogwood flower consists of four showy petal-like bracts, usually snow white or pink. The Dogwood flower bracts surround a cluster of tiny inconspicuous yellowish flowers. The Dogwood flower bracts are 1-2 inches long and obovate in shape, usually with a cleft at the tip. There are clusters of bright red football shaped fruits, about a half inch long, following the Dogwood flowers and often remain until winter. Flowering occurs in late April and early May.

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Basil species cutn'paste

2002-04-10 09:57:56 by dbx

A Guide to the Culinary Basils
Ocimum basilicum includes a number of different basils most commonly used for cooking.
Sweet basil
Your basic basil, with large leaves and white flowers. The Genovese variety (names include Sweet Genovese
and Genovese or Genova Profumitissima) is particularly nice, with a very pleasing flavor preferred for pestos.
I've also found it a vigorous, luxuriant grower, slow to bolt.
Dwarf or bush basils (O. b. minimum)
These shorter varieties (Spicy Globe, Piccolo Verde, Fino Verde or Fine Green) bear small, narrow leaves
with a sweeter, less pungent smell than the large-leaf types


2006-05-05 09:25:38 by gardenerTim

The question about the names of weeds has come up here often in recent days. It just occured to me that, while weeding is part of my everyday's routines, I do not know the names of many of them. I do have nutsedge in a lot of place,- just never bothered to find out what it is called.
If I ever get a camera, I will take a picture of one of the worst weeds I ever encountered. Grows a bit like garlic, white flowers, makes small white bulbs, which tend to multiply by the dozen.
That stuff is impossible to get rid of by hand-weeding. NEEDS to be sprayed w. Round-Up, which of course is often not a solution (as there are other plants nearby

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